Dear Promise Friends,
IMPORTANT Please see Itinerary and cost details by clicking on the LINK Here: Itinerary Travel Program and Cost April 23rd – May 1st 2018

I will ask you also to read more detailed information about Luis and the purpose of these Special Mission and Cosmic Initiations and Journeys To The New Shambala also below. Be sure to click on links provided. There are some amazing videos as well. You may search his name on youtube for even more information.

Dear Promise Friends and Family,

I am honored once again to invite the lightworkers of the world to Join Luis and I in our presentation to the sacred sites in Bolivia. These special locations are chosen by The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation as preferred locations for contact.

This April 23rd – May 1st we will embark on yet another Cosmic Initiation experience called “The Pilgrimage to The New Shamballa” and This years Journey Promises to be spectacular. Luis has told me The guides have authorized me to again create another group to come and experience the sacred light and love teachings in South America.

They have specifically asked the the rest of the world come to partake in the sacred vortex sites that we will visit on these trips. People From China,Asia,USA,Canada,Europe,Eastern Europe,Russia,Middle East,India,Africa, Australia and anywhere else is asked to come.

The very special emanations projected from the ships and these locations are going to accelerate your light and consciousness tremendously. I personally can attest to the powerful vibrations I experienced in the summer of 2017. The sightings we had and the level of energetic were unprecedented.

Luis was saying that the 7 days that we had contact and sightings were unique and powerful. We even had 2 sightings in broad daylight in Bolivia and Peru on the same day. You may visit this link to my first report on this journey here and read of the background and see the videos these ships here:The 2017 Pilgramge Report Part 1

Part 2 will coming soon

These locations we will visit are ancient contact sites of The Great White Brotherhood and Order of The Star and the Galactic Confederation. These locations are where members of the inner retreats came out of inner earth to contact humanity to give instruction of consciousness development and soul teachings. The Sajama Location is where the Main and Largest Cintamni Egg now resides.

This largest Cinatmani egg was bought from Sirius ages ago and was placed in the location known as “Shamballa The Lesser” beneath The Gobi Desert.

Then in Dec. 21st 2012 The Super Fedration Group along with the Ultra Terrestrials bought this main very large Cintamani Egg to the highest volcano in the world. This volcano is called Sajama.

Luis was asked to go there during the 2012 Portal Event and was literally projected into the Temple inside the volcano/mountain with the help of the Confederation. He was present in the astral body to witness its activation with millions of beings in the higher dimensions. You will here the details of Luis Amazing experience Experience on this journey.


The Salt flats are a special location where future landings of Mother ships will take place. I have not been yet but Luis says it is spectacular. We get to stay in a Hotel made of SALT!

National Geographic Video of Salt Hotel

The sighting of ships we experienced last year combined with Luis recieving telpathic messages and instructions for our group also give each location a a powerful and unique feeling. All of the sites listed in the Itinerary are very powerfull indeed. I Will soon create a link here that you can read some of Luis’s direct telepathic transmissions from the guides of the sky and The Masters of The Great White Brotherhood.

My involvement with Luis is sincere and motivated by my desire to share the wonderful teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic guides. Most of my life has been filled with a deep spiritual calling.  During the summer of 2017 I was blessed to bring a groups to Bolivia and to Peru to meet Luis.

Our experiences were so profound and Luis’s information is so important for light workers that I am now dedicated to continue to aid Luis in sharing his love messages to the english speaking lightworkers the world over.




Illampu Mountain Bolivia 

This picture taken at 15k feet looking up to heart shaped rock behind which lies the Temple of Purity

Luis and his journeys to the Ganymede an artificial moon orbiting Jupiter as well as his contacts with The Great White Brotherhood which continue to this day are a pure and sacred revelation for those who thirst for truth.

He spent also 3 days inside the Illampu Mountain retreat Of the Great White Brother hood in the Temple of purity. The teachings from the masters are deep moving and profound. His journey beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca and his meeting with the Masters Soriam and Soromez in the presence of the Golden Disk of the Sun are also inspiring to all who seek the light.

This April we have an opportunity to share a very unique experience with Luis Maertens. We will be presenting more in-depth spiritual information in regards to the transformation of planet earth. We will be sharing very specific techniques , meditations and mantras designed on transforming our consciousness and to working directly with the cosmic guides of the confederation and the spiritual masters.

Your well focused intent and heartfelt desire to engage with our space family is welcomed to be here in south america this summer. Please be ready to meet some amazing people who will share the light and love with you as we as a group delve deep into the wisdom pool of ancient teachings of the lineages of light from since time immemorial.

Luis deeper presentations will help you to understand many things and to put first contact into a perspective that will engage you in a special way. The space family will monitor our group and Luis will share direct messages for our group to guide as into a deper more profound association with the spirit of truth.

Programmed Contact

See our Contact at Urmirri in 2015 here


Luis is famous for what is called programmed contact with the masters and guides from various benevolent space family contact groups have worked directly with Luis time and again to reveal themselves in their space ships so that the faithful may know the turth.
Now is the time for the prepared light workers of humanity to become ambassadors and to raise their vibrations to be able to have contact. This happening at this time the world over so that genuine interplanetary cultural exchange can begin. Our program will be geared towards a more spiritual developmental program to help you access and connect with your IAM soul presence.

We intend to have a many special meditation and teaching experiences throughout these Pilgrimages. So feel to call me at 530-925-3502 after 10am-12am Los angeles time 7 days a week. You may also email me [email protected]
This Springs Cosmic Initiations and Pilgramages To The New Shamballa with Luis is planned with the intention of an expansion of Light. These will be a more intimate association intended to bring about preparation on an individual and spiritual level for open contact. We will be working directly with the guides and the cosmic masters in radiation activations in these sacred site in Bolivia and Peru.

Here are some excerpts of Louis’s amazing experiences from 2 of his 5 books. These two have been translated into English.
Please do read carefully the loving messages gifted to you here.

Here are free excerpts of Louis’ books.
The first book is called Runa Antillis ~ Magical Secret Base of the Andes.
Here is a link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book. Runa Antillis Excerpt

His second book is called 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays .
Here is another link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays.


Special 2016 Summer Conference Report with Great info on Luis

Article by Luis Maertens For Michael Salla

Radio Interview with Rob about Luis by Michael Salla

Biography of Luis Maertens and Rob Potter

Dear Friends, these links will take you the one of the most profound contactees of our time. A gentle and kind soul who has the humility and heart to speak to us about the coming intergation with our space friends and guides. Research this information in Your inner most heart and if this resonates with you you may wish to join us on the Activation.

Please do sign up early if you can we will appreciate it.

[su_column][su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/mp2BG138eBk”][/su_column][su_column][su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/yvXIY2v-KBY” width=”640″ height=”500″]Table[/su_youtube][/su_column][su_column][su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/FGw-tBQxLdI” width=”640″ height=”500″]Table[/su_youtube][/su_column][su_column][su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/zHvRwNIhMvs”][/su_column]

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/5kVcyS0Teis”]

Below is yet another small excerpt from one of Luis Books “3 days inside the Abbey of The Seven Rays”
By Luis Fernando Maertens

“The beloved elder had already come closer, just in front of me, and extending his right arm he put his palm softly over my heart, while he said: “Beloved mine, I deposit now in your heart this extract of benefactor energy of Love, Wisdom and Power, so that from there it expands and irradiates all over your Being. Let it be, in the Holy Name of the Divines and let it activate its Supreme Light for always.”

The Elder Master had closed his eyes for an instant, as my heart warmed with the deepest sensation of profound love. Even when Soramel kept only his hand over his heart, I felt as if the Master Himself was holding me, like a father to His son.

I did not make any efforts to ask more questions, because even though I had more questions rising from within myself, I could sense that The Twelve Elders were sharing with me that which I needed to know, in just measure and at that time. More would follow, as necessary.

Besides,  that big thought as to how I would start that wonderful journey was on my mind.   With the passing of years, I thought that I would become possessed of a spiritual maturity allowing me to maintain a consistent high level of spiritual dialogue towards them. The truth, how wrong was I, for in reality I could eventually feel myself as a child…learning kindly from The Masters.

The Elders inspired feelings of humbleness, and not because of poverty, but because of kindness, that which it is not necessary to show: the intention transcends and it expresses in a kind and loving face. At the same time this kind love was clearly perceptible from their appearances, for even in their silence there was a message.

Maybe my silent and expectant attitude also had to do with a feeling of questioning with respect to my own process of preparation, something they knew and would certainly end up making clear. Without pause, Soramel continued saying:

“Beloved Ademixar, if based upon the strengths of personal merits alone none of you would be here today, for a life time is not enough to be able to understand the Magnificence of The Creator of this Cosmic Plan over the Earth and even when it is possible for you to be here, because there exists the predilection to service, which alone catapults you into the biggest connections with the Supreme and Eternal Truth.”

“It is neither for you nor us to decide between one or another, for it is a process which comes developing and unfolding for millions of years, and today is only the consequnce of what you did and were, before.”

“This living will bring to your conscience a lot of memories of the time that, in accordance with us, you will be allowed to live and share, repeating in many cases certain livings and even initiations which you already had before, but which were necessary to remind you in order to start to implement the benefactor energy in our lives and certainly in the lives of the rest.”

“It is like that, beloved mine, that today you begin in the Circle of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays a process of unity in which you, beloved Ademixar, will put your hands on Amiharar, as we are doing with you now and you will say that which will already be recorded in your heart and conscience.   At the same time, beloved Ademixar, you will put your right hand on Sefrem, sealing the bond of unity, love and brotherhood, in the Stellar Equilibrium and the Brotherhood of the seven Rays which has now united you, and which in a future will allow you to locate yourselves in the revealing roles of your lives.”

Luis is an awesome and amazing brother it is my honor to join you in experiencing the satisfaction of seeking truth with Luis this summer. Please feel free to share with as many who have ears to hear and hearts to feel. I hope as many people as possible will take advantage of this opportunity to meet and share the light with this most profound and loving soul.

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter



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