Breaking News: Inner Earth Visitor Reveals Telos Message “Solar Event May Be Immanent”

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This Interview with Jacquelyn Pearce and Tony Rodriguez contains some really good deeper metaphysical information as I talk about – Pyramid Energy – Esoteric Anatomy – Healing Systems-Shuman Resonance – Galactic Federations Recent Actions – Inner Earth- The SOLAR EVENT THAT MAY TAKE PLACE ON OR AROUND DECEMBER 20TH- I confirm that I endorse Tony Rodriguez and sincere and honest and consider his story as an SSP “20 & Back” military asset is very likely as he remembers it! His story about Ceres having a geyser is now confirmed by N.A.S.A. He also told this information about Ceres to Michael Salla and me in 2015.


Enjoy this show and my new website here :

 Inner Earth Visitor Announces Solar Event Dec. 20th, 2020


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Please Do Watch This One! 

This is a very important video that is very important in that it contains a direct message to us on the surface from the Inner Earth Society that lives beneath the Mt Shasta Moutain and the surrounding area.  This Message From Telos is given by me as a result of me talking with a very nice gentleman his name is Lowel Johnson. 

Lowell was someone I reached out to based on a friend telling me of rumors there was this guy who was telling people he went inside the mountain physically. As usual, I was interested but for some reason not as skeptical as I might normally be. I think my learning from Raymond and my meetings with the Venusians are allowing me to adjust to some of the mysteries that are being revealed all over the planet right now.  

Anyway, we finally talked on Skype after he vetted my calls and I knew immediately this was probably a real experience because his face was open, alert, intelligent and he was quite congenial and happy to share his experience with me. His attire was normal and he did not appear to project a “Lightworker” or New Agey vibe. Not that clothes or how one might dress necessarily means anything but I mention it because he was so normal looking.

It turns out he is a very regular guy. He was not looking or searching for Telos nor was he an expert on the inner earth. He had heard of these types of things and was open to the possibility but said he had no fanciful ideas about any of what was about to occur to him before his experience happened.

I know this was a divinely guided experience because the Masters did arrange this meeting and he was bought there by design. The influence upon humanity can be instigated by the hierarchy of light when needed and they simply “make things happen” is how I would put it. The Masters have many abilities that are only used in accordance with universal law.

This prearranged call that bought him to the mountain according to him changed his life. He said he only had begun to meditate in recent years and indicated some life changes recently occurring that he felt were a preparation for his experience.  In my estimation, he was going to have something of substance to share before I even started I knew from my knowledge of the inner earth that it was not going to be something MSM would consider “Normal”.

I was all ears as he revealed his experience. This recording does not have all of the details of my talks with Lowell but I do talk about my interview with Lowell in this show toward the end of this interview and my actual interview will be on this Blog Section of my website next week.

If you want to hear the announcement of what may possibly happen on Dec. 20th do listen to this interview. I think it comes in the last 30 minutes or so. If you do not have time please check this blog next week for the entire first interview with Lowell Thomas.  I think you will be hearing about Lowell from others soon he will be on Alfred Lambremont Webbers show with me on Monday as well. 


Victory To The Light

Rob Potter


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