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My Original Interview is no longer available however a transcript is availble here below

After a 15 minute phone call interview with John B Wells history was made when within 2 weeks I was asked to do a full 3 hour show on Coast to Coast.

I have been told by many people through the years while they were listening to my personal experiences “You know Rob you should go onto coast to coast, that radio show†My good friend Fred Bell had been on that show many times but little did I know that in November of 2012 I would also get on the coast to coast show.

One of the Cobra followers and now my dear friend,  HYE ANGEL (see her picture below) had been encouraging me to call in to the show and I was working so hard near Mt Shasta to make money to buy a vehicle I was exhausted every night and I could barely see straight. She made it real easy and gave me all the call in phone numbers and one night I called in and actually got on! I started talking in my usual rapid-fire stream of consciousness style and John B wells was gracious enough to let me run with it.

At the end he suggested I send him more information and I did it included pictures of Semjase ship that Fred had taken one of them when we were together along with my 2012 Portal explanation. I was surprised when they called me and asked it I wanted to a whole show.

I was very excited as I happened to be right at the computer when the e-mailed came which in it self was a pre ordained bona fide miracle! I asked “when†and they said “tonight!†The drama that ensued that day as the Archons got busy to make my day a frenzied nightmare is a movie in itself.

I actually made it and got most of my chores done that day and was able to be on the air after driving through a blizzard to make it to a phone to be on time! I was leaving for the Laguna conference and had many preparations before I left the next day. I drove south from Shasta with a warm fuzzy feeling about my previous nights interview.

This interview was extremely well received and I have become a minor celebrity and my information is now being shared all over the world. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I am so grateful to John B Wells and his staff for allowing me the opportunity.

I sent them a package hoping they would be interested in an Interview with Cobra and after I sent them pictures of the Space ships that were with us in Egypt the finally called. I thought they were only going to interview Cobra but they have asked me to be on again as well.

I am very honored happy and excited that my website launch will coincide with this interview. I hope you enjoy the Transcript from my first interview as well as the mp3 files of my “First Time Caller Line†and both parts of My first interview.

I wish to thank a C2C fan for partially transcribing this interview for me for free because she loved my interview her name is Robin and I also wish to thank Neo a Cobra follower who has devoted much of his time to sending me these files and editing out the commercials. He also has been instrumental in video recording my Cobra Conference Presentation in Laguna. The rough cut is available on this site and the final version will be available soon. A small 10 minute version will be on the coast to coast website as well!

I hope you will enjoy this information I am sharing in these interviews provided on this site and in some of the other transcripts available also.

Victory to the light

Rob Potter

[Begin Transcript]
Rob Potters Coast to Coast Interview / John B Wells November 17th 2012

I have engaged in heavy editing and with many additions to make my thoughts and ideas seem make more sense. This hopefully will add to the flow and will make this interview more coherent and understandable.

By Rob Potter

Cobra has been releasing information in regard to the coming 2012 event, and what’s coming forward on the planet in terms of the extra-terrestrials, and the inner Earth Agarthan, network in helping this planet to heal.

I know a lot of people thinking doom and gloom about 2012 but we’ve got good news, and a lot of things are changing behind the scenes.  There are a lot of actions being taken. There’s a Galactic Codex being enforced and enacted on planet Earth due to genetic manipulation.

This means divine intervention.  It means that the extra-terrestrials, of which there are many different groups coming here at this time, have a right to help us remove the hostile force, which has been here for twenty-six thousand years.

That force is comprised of some regressive extra-terrestrials that you’ve heard about, known as Reptilians, the Greys, the Dracos and even the Tall Whites and some renegade Sirians.

Basically, we’ve never been alone, we’re not alone now, and we never will be alone.  There are many different members of our space family but the Earth has been in a semi-quarantine position.  Not because of the ‘good guys’, or because the the Galactic Federation cannot interfere with free will , but because we were infiltrated during the Atlantean/Lumerian times.  We have been held hostage and for this reason we must become more aware of our condition and the Galactic Federations wish for open first contact.

What happened was, when the infiltration was discovered there was a scalar war and we had the sinking of Lumeria.  We lost sixty-four million souls in one night.  All of the statues of Easter Island always face the Lumerian continent and they have a little tear in their eye in honor of that day.

So the Galactic Federation withdrew during the scalar wars of 26,000 -30,000 years ago to save lives. This was in deference to the planet to keep it alive because we were and are being held hostage by a hostile force with their finger on the button and if the wars were to have continued our planet would be another asteroid belt..

What’s taking place now as we move through the galactic plane, and more light is reaching our planet is that we’ve evolved to a higher level of consciousness, is that we’re beginning to reestablish our galactic humanity, and our membership to the Galactic Federation.  And what will take place is an enforcement to remove these hostile forces which have entrenched themselves on our world for twenty-six thousand years.

We’ll have the aid of multi-dimensional beings, and it’s going to be a great reunion, giving us a wonderful positive future, and though it may seem to be a little gloomy right now, things are going to be getting better.

Divine Sparks of God

We are divine sons and daughters of the eternal Mother Father spirit God, and we have what is called the ‘I Am’ presence, a divine spark of the creator within us.  We are holographic fractals of the infinite light.  It’s our destiny to manifest through our physical form, our lower density physical vehicle this mighty light presence within us.

We’re trying to aspire to become lighted beings.  This is a school of life to grow.  What’s happened is that normally on planets you live a long time, but we have been invaded and been subjected to those etheric implants by a hostile force also known as Archons.  J. J. Hurtak in the Keys of Enoch refers to them as the Fallen Masters, who inhabit imperfect light bodies from the regions of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Polaris and Thuban.



John B Wells asks a question about why Scientologists have a gleam in their eye!

I actually have some inside information on Scientology, and this is my opinion based on my experience.  There’s a U.F.O. contactee that I knew, one of the ‘old guard’ from the fifties who had physical contact.  He was a friend of mine and Sean David Morton knew him as well. By the way  I’ve known Sean since I was seventeen, traveling the New Age circuit together with Fred Bell across the country selling pyramids, and explaining about our contacts with the Pleiadeans.  We were also working with technology that helps to bring in the U.F.O.’s.

I went to school with Marty Rathbun who is one of the major defectors from the new leadership in Scientology. From what I was told by Hal Wilcox is that whatever they started with L. Ron Hubbard and the technology that was used to “clear “and audit the consciousness, was correct.  But according to Hal Wilcox, L. Ron Hubbard was using it and it got a little too into the religion aspect and it seems to be that when you get this kind of information unfortunately, people seem to want to follow a cult and a personality.

It’s really about the message, not the person.  It’s the same with most of the world’s religions.  Marty told me that L. Ron Hubbard had some good technology based on some information from the extra-terrestrials.

There is a battlefield going on for the Earth, but the battle’s been won and the victory of the light is here.  We’re getting ready to prepare people for first open (contact), once again reestablishing interplanetary cultural exchange.  We’re soon to have ambassadors that will be working towards educating the public to the coming landings of the friendly space family.

First we have to remove a hostile force, or what we call these implanted Archons, or lower astral beings.  So, they’ve been cleared from the astral plane by divine decree from many different dimensions, by the spaceships here from many different worlds, clearing the Archons from the astral plane.

I have good news and intelligence reports that as of lately, the underground bases of the Illuminati, the P2 Lodge, the Vatican, and all of those different underground world-take-over Cabal groups have been cut off at the knees.  Their attempts to create WWIII have been thwarted, massive nuclear weapons have been corralled, and large-scale actions similar to one described in the Maha Bharatta Vedic texts from previous times have been going on in the higher dimensions and planes.

It’s been hidden from the Earth to protect the Earth people from the violence.  So that’s why the ‘good guys’ stay away because they don’t want the firefight down here on the physical plane.

The ‘bad guys’ have kept is secret because there are so few of them, and the way they get to us is by genetically altering us through ‘Chemtrails’, vaccinations, HARRP, GMO foods, etc.  Our divine light-bodies are being assailed and our frequencies jammed by an intelligent hostile force that knows our DNA and has been working with that technology against us.

To get back the Scientology, Marty, who lives in Texas, called me up and said, Rob, “David M. and those guys hound me.  They hang around my house, they harass me and they follow me everywhere I go. “I said, I find that hard to believe but I will help you get rid of them on your next trip to LA.

So he came down here and we met with a Hollywood movie guy and we had Dinner in Laguna, at Las Brisas restaurant.  Sure enough they were following him.  I lived in a privately gated community, and I said, “Don’t worry Marty, we’ll lose them.â€

No one knows Laguna like I do and I shook the four cars that were chasing Marty. They do this because he’s speaking out against David M.  My personal belief is that Scientology is an MK Ultra tune-up center and that there are probably a certain about of ‘cult-like’ type things going on there.

They’ve stepped away from the essence of the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, which was trying to get to a scientific understanding of how to clear the luminous light body. Anyway back to our story.

I drove Marty to my house after we finally shook them. When they followed the Hollywood guy home, surrounding his car, they didn’t realize that Marty had snuck into my car.  Marty is still constantly harassed by these misguided souls.


Mk Ultra

Mk Ultra is the mind control program that’s still in effect and being used by the government. Rest assured they have very advanced technologies for creating alter personalities, which are documented in the book “Thanks For The Memories†by Bryce Taylor, aka Susan Ford. Chip Tatum and Ted Gunderson protected Ford, when she was recovering her memories jarred loose by a car accident. They both helped her stay safe while she broke her programming.

Susan Ford was what was called a ‘presidential model’, and a human computer for Henry Kissinger. She was owned by Bob Hope and used as a sex slave like Marilyn Monroe who was one of the first prottypes of this sick secret program  Many of our Hollywood personality types are actually under this type of programming.  The attempt has been to create certain types of informational downloads and programs through the mass media, which is controlled.

These programs are being dismantled as we speak.  Super soldiers such as Duncan O’Finian, and Stewart Swerdlow, and Aaron McCallum, are now breaking loose.  There’s another guy in England named James Cassabolt, who’ve been revealing these advanced technology, and things that were learned by the Nazis, such as by torturing people who create ‘alter’ personalities.

The heinous nature of the pain becomes so severe that the personality fractures in order to live a normal life and they don’t remember their painful experiences.

You can look it up This is very convenient for those criminals who torture and use other innocents lives to further themselves. This is one of the most evil plans of the hostile and dark forces in my opinion because the suffering is so great and is so up close and personally inflicted

Despite this type of evil I can promise you it’s going to be a very positive future.  So absolutely understand that the divinity of consciousness is inherent within itself.  It’s a multi-dimensional universe universe


Why is Earth so Special?

Well we have lots of water and an abudance and vast variety of life due to our history. We are located on an acient Galactic federation trade route and have had multiple Et races influenceing our genetics and the various forms of life of which we are so very abundant. We are also an Origin planet life evolved here naturally whereas on many other planets life was seeded.

The life here was seeded also but was originated naturally. Our planet happens to be a great prize and was chosen by the hostile renegade force to be “they’re last stand†. As a result what is known as a “creators son†chose to incarnate here as part of his growth process and actually judged these falllen angels in the lowly and humble form of an earth human.

This was cause for much interest amongst the Galactic Federation and has had a positive influence on our spiritual development. The example of the life lived by this great being under the circumstances of a planet under rebellion rule has inspired much growth throughout the galaxy.

All life is sacred and is divine.  There are various dimensions.  Part of the understanding that will come with the extra-terrestrials will be the understanding of the various dimensions, and the higher frequencies of life.

For instance, there’s a physical plane, there’s an astral plane, there’s a mental plane, there’s an intuitional plane, a casual plane that they call an Atmic and Logoic.  All of these planes exist here in the now, here, within you, all seven levels of this divine life force.

We have various stories of this, the seven spirits before the throne.  We have seven chakras, seven notes to the musical scale, and seven endocrine glands.  This is the divine as above so below, the man made in the divine image is a true reflection of the omnipotent creative force within our beings.


The Rebellion

Because this planet is part of what historically is called the rebellion, there’s a very convoluted and complex description of this, as there are many different histories and lineages from different cultures throughout our history having snippets of these ancient events.   Most of this history has been hidden from or erased by the forces that don’t want us to know the truth. They have definitely genetically manipulated us; we live a very short life span. This is engineered so we’re still kind of emotionally speaking like children. This manipulation makes it keeps us easier to keep us in the box.  That type of manipulation and the power structure behind it is all breaking down now as the light comes through.  Thank god.


You’re divine

So, we are divine beings.  We have the divine masculine and the divine feminine consciousness energy, and we are all combination of these divine forces.  A really great man and another friend of mine who was a contactee, was Norm Paulsen; he wrote a brilliant book called The Christ Consciousness and he started a whole host of health food stores called New Horizons.  He was the son in Law of the famous giant rock contactee George van Tassell. He was also one Yogananda’s primary disciples and his limousine driver.  He was very much into the deeper spiritual understandings of the friendly space family and I recommend people research his teachings.

The message of the ET’s, aside from the liberation and all that good stuff is a spiritual upliftment. People wonder why aren’t they landing and  that seems so difficult to understand. When they do come, when they do land ,the ships have so much power and love and light, everyone’s going to know the answers. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful experience.

What Cobra and I, and many others are trying to do is to prepare people to start to think outside the box, and to look for positive solutions to bring this open contact into our relality . This mission is about how to actually enhance our divinity.

The reason they’re here (the ET’s) , and why there are so  many different cultures is because we need help . This is further evidenced by the Avatars that have come here and incarnated amongst us. This gift of lighted souls is because of our present situation we need help. By the way we’ve had some very high teachers. Unfortunately  after the teachers leave, the teaching gets distorted, fragmented, and changed. An example of the distortion of the spiritual teachings would be the catholic church and  the Councils of Nicaea.  These councils removed much information about open space contacts reincarnation and many other truths from the bible. The truth gets lost without the living word of the Master.

Generally speaking the time for Masters who lead us is over now.  We are all Masters and we can all access this divinity through the power of concentration, meditation, and what is known as Kriya yoga, the science of the still breath.

It’s not that complicated, in fact it’s a simple process which is essentially placing the attention and your awareness in the higher endocrine glands of the body, the pineal and the pituitary bodies.  By focusing your awareness through literally “not doing†or the silencing of the mind you create hormonal structures in your body, which create blissful feelings of unity, happiness, and brotherhood

It’s a feeling.  We think it’s in the mind and people want to argue with you, but it’s not the forcing of an intellectual ideal.  It’s a flowering of a natural understanding of who we are, and that’s what’s coming forward in a big way.


UFO Experiences

I met Fred Bell when I was sixteen because I wanted to know about pyramids, and so I started helping him.  Laguna was kind of a hippie place. The Beatles were there.  I had friends who painted John Lennon’s Rolls Royce, the Love Animals, Don’t Eat Them are good friends of Paul McCartney, it was a kind of a consciousness-expanding place and Fred fit in with that.  I was learning from him.

Because of Fred’s scientific background, he always emphasized the teachings that Semjase gave him in regards to healing and advanced technology.  But she was and still is a cosmic sage of sorts and would espouse very insightful spiritual messages as well. She said that “All matter or form is ideation vibrating at a slower frequencyâ€, in other words, thoughts are things.  What we’re seeing is really our own thoughts in manifestation. Another very cool thing she said was “You know you think you know something and then you realized you don’t know anything at allâ€


The Secret

What we call the secret is the understanding is that by the intensity that you think and feel about things that they do manifest and become reality.  Everyone thinks if I just think about a car, that I’ll get one, but what are you thinking about the other 99% of the time?  You’re thinking about your job, or your worries, or about money.

In reality, most people are so distracted with just surviving; they really don’t have time to tune in to their own ‘divine self’.  So it’s important that we as a family and as a planet begin to what the ETs call, ‘invoke the light’ or the Tensor equations that Richard Miller and the Solar Cross group talked about. Some of the messages that the spiritual ET contactees have shared with the world is very profound and deep metaphysically speaking.  In the circles of true light contacts from the ET groups it’s the message of love and awareness and growing in the truth that is the most important aspect of the contact experience.


Commander Valiant Thor

Commander Valiant Thor  is the Venusian who regularly met with one of my favorite people in the galaxy Dr. Frank Stranges,. Val spoke of the ‘five pointed star of life’, of developing yourself spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally and physically every day for a harmonious life.  In all your relationships balance is key in expanding these 5 points of the star of life to enlarge your awareness and to grow from a clod to a god. There is a great book called Outwitting tomorrow which I will sell on my website

The great teachers that we’ve had on earth are all part of these same ancient linages of light. They’re ETs are getting ready to come forward more and a lot of misunderstandings between the various religions will be cleared up. So again I can emphasize the positve teachings and understanding that will come forward as move towards Official  open first contact with our space family. After what is called “The Event†we will see great changes for the upliftment of mankind. “The Event†which is the term for the compression of light and cosmic trigger that will allow the ETs and agarthan network to move in unison with earth based allies to effect the actual physical arrest of these negative forces. The hostile ET forces and earth based “Cabal†or minions entrenched in our societal and political structure will actually be removed in one vast Galactic codex enforcement like a big drug sweep!   The education of the populace is going to come forward openly after this “Event†and will follow with a releasing of financial abundance and properity for all


Hidden Technologies

The financial masters of the planet have held the world’s wealth in a black hole fist.  While they have free energy and super fast -shuttle trains running from Washington D.C. to Berkeley, Livermore labs in an hour or so to underground bases, we suffer from the scourge gasoline and outmoded combustion engines.  We pull oil out of the ground in greed and destroy the ozone, and they are circling the planet nine times in a second in a TR38.

I had a conversation with a guy who works for a company that I’m not going to name, nor will I name him because he told me things, that they’ve developed very high technology.  The scientists working on these things are enlightened.  They don’t want to be providing this stuff for the dark side really, but that’s how it’s used.

A lot of them are defecting and giving the proper authoritues all the information we need, and this make the arrrests and the transitions smoother And it’s going to be a very positive future. Despite what many people are predicting.


Is there a God?

So absolutely understand that the divinity of consciousness is inherent within itself.  It’s a multi-dimensional universe. What they call ascension is the practical fact that we’re all Evolving. Even unto the heights of God consciousness The space family is more conscious than we are right now and they work directly with the cosmic forces of the universe for spiritual growth. This our birthright and it will be returned to us soon.

Is there a god? Who created the universe?  Is it the Big Bang?  Is it a materialist creation or did God create it?  We call it the might mystery, and God created evolution.  They’re not mutually exclusive.

You can have a personal relationship with the Infinite All-Knowing Source because it’s literally you yourself.  By entering the silence and going within (kriya yoga) the true nature of your consciousness, which the Indians call Sat Chit Ananda, or being, awareness, and bliss is expanded and accessed naturally. There is also the impersonal way of growth. These 2 paths are called the Jhani and the Bhakthi by the hindus. In the end they merge into one. The Jhani becomes the Bhakthi and the Bhakthi becomes the Jhani.

If torture reshapes a personality in a negative way, then your good spiritual practices and pituitary/pineal gland exercises of concentration meditation and pryaer can reshape your personality too, but in a positive way.  In fact that’s one of the technologies Cobra and I will be bringing forth is through sound, light and color therapies we will enhance the environment to make it conducive for people to access their divine light bodies and their own IAM presence through a resonant harmonious field generation. This is required on earth a this time due to hostile technologies of death and destruction being foisted upon us all.


The Inner Light

The Inner Light and the Inner Sound your Highway Home to God

There’s a technique taught 500 year ago by Guru Nanak of the Singh’s, which has a contemporary lineage in the Indian vedic schools of thought, it’s called the Nada Shringa which is the inner neural light illuminations sound force . This is non –verbal transmission of the inner knowledge in a lighted encodement which transcends the intellect. This is one of the ways to make our connection to god force within also known as the “Shabd . This sound current technique is also spoken of and is key to the spiritual exercises taught in Eckankar .  This is technique is basically one of following the inner sound current through the meditation process of simply listening to the sound. By doing this you can ride this current to the inner planes.

The life must be balanced between the inner and outer and in the Western Civilization we’ve been so focused on the outer.  What is coming forward now is that we’re learning how to improve our consciousness, and our awareness through entering the silence and the sacred space and focusing our awareness on these higher blissful states.


Future technology

We’re going to have technology using light, laser, and sound and music that’s going to rewrite the bodies, in fact the entire planet is going through a Cymatic shift.

It’s an interesting thing that I will now share with you. I once spoke into a microphone that had a speaker system in the bottom of the barrel. There was a large rubber sheet stretched over this steel trash barrel and it looked like a drum. On this make shift drum was spread lots of sand! I spoke into the microphone and said ‘Ohmmm’ and the sand, oddly enough, went into the shape of what we know as the Shri Yantra or the Hindu Symbol of the heart chakra.

The sound from the microphone in the bottom of the can made the Sri Yantra but not in one complete form or wave! What happened was it starts out with all the sand moving out to the outer ring, and then as the sound changes the sand slowly moves to the center and it creates the Yantra in a step by step process.

First there was an outer ring and then fleur de leis, and then there’s another ring.  Then it moves to inside of this pyramid or triangle type mandala shape. The form was incomplete at any one point and as you go through the Ohms the sand is moving like a wave into these shapes progressively.


The Planetary Shift

What is taking place now, gradually over time is the entire nature of Nature itself is going to shift. Much like the sand on the trash can into which I  sounded the ohmmms ! In between the various phase shifts we go through a period of chaos, where it looks like nothing organized is happening.  It’s shifting so we must all understand that the shift is breaking down all of the structures, the societal constructs and even the laws or structures of our reality construct the laws of physics itself is changing and it’s taking place right now as we live and breathe as we move through the galactic plane.  The lies cannot will not withstand the light of day.


The Arrrests or Surrender of the Cabal

They’re being exposed and we’re not about revenge, we don’t want to torture Cabal members.  They need to lay down their weapons, and lay down their armor and stand in a circle with everyone else and get to work because we need to heal the planet.

We need to recognize that a the error of our ways and with humility, and a make conscious step forward in our personal lives, decisions and in our societal structures to make these changes.  The ETs will be here, in fact they are here, and they will openly expose themselves in the mentoring process as we move forward.


The New Age

We have many exciting things that we are going to be bringing forward such as the UFOs beneath the Sphinx. There are ancient artifacts that will be brought forward.  Technologies like a laser scalpel where there is no scaring.

There will also be found 12 jars that will be very difficult to open and these will contain the writings on goat skin by hand of Jesus Christ himself!

There will be tremendous advances.  Fred said that within 200 years we should be living 400 years lifespans.  We’re looking at some tremendous positive things in our future.  It’s really up to humanity how quickly we can stop our divisive thinking, and our fear-based media, which is literally pumping out at full speed fear-destruction-murder.

We fill our minds with these negative and destructive thoughts. We also assail our feeling nature and that’s what we create and over time the world we have now is what we have been programmed to create.  That’s the essence of the secret.  So to actually practice the secret more efficiently it is best to spend the time in the silence, invoke the light, maintain a positive attitude and be part of the solution.



And it’s really up to humanity how quickly we can stop our divisive thinking and our fear-based listening to the media, which is literally pumping out at full speed fear, destruction, murder.  We fill these thoughts with our feeling nature and that’s what we create.  That’s the secret.  No need to argue and fight the forces that be.  They want you in the streets to beat your head.  Get together in groups and ridicule them.  With our hubris, we must expose them, shame them.  Convince your neighbor: do not go to work for Monsanto. Say to them “Dude, no matter what you’re doing, genetically altering the species us not a good thing I don’t care how much they’re paying you.â€Â  People need to make conscious decisions.

John asks “Are these people warped?â€

They are actually a little of both evil ETs and warped people.  It’s been orchestrated that way.  There are stories that Stalin was quite mad, and that Avril Harriman was the one running Stalin from behind the scenes.

It comes down to greed.  You can make a lot of money on a war-machine, so they do this for profit and they create the conflict.  These wars would feed these Archons who literally feed on the spurious, negative energy, so they like it when you’re angry, when you’re violent, when there’s blood, when there’s lust, and when there’s fear.  They suck on that.

Don Juan called them “The mud Shadows†and he said to Carlos Castaneda  the way that you starve the Archons is to enter the silence. This is the technique for us is to learn to become more powerful spiritual beings by controlling our thoughts.  The power of decision is now.

This is window of opportunity.  It’s a power of decision.



And we’re not about revenge.  We don’t want to torture cabal members.  They need to lay down their weapons, lay down their armor and stand in the circle.  And we need to heal the planet.  We need to recognize the error of our ways and, with humility and a conscious step forward, make these changes.  And the ET’s will be here.  They are here.  And they will openly expose themselves in the mentoring process as we move forward.  We have many exciting things.  They’re going to be bringing up the UFO’s beneath the sphinx; there are ancient artifacts that will be brought forward.  Technologies like a laser scalpel where no scarring.  Tremendous advances.  Fred said that within 200 years, we should be living 400 year life spans.  So we’re looking at some tremendous positive things in our future.


Space Ships

The ever-increasing fleets are part of the process of identification and preparation for open interplanetary cultural exchange.  They started picking up the pace in 1991 in Mexico.  Of course Jamie Masson got pretty famous behind all of those space fleets, literally hundreds of them. That’s what happening now they’re preparing everyone all over the world now.  They’re letting themselves be known as it becomes safer and safer to do so.

Cobra is more in touch with the pulse on a of lot stuff than I am as he is in direct contact with the resistance forces.  A lot of my physical experiences were earlier in my life but I continue to have experiences and various forms of contact throughout my life.

Cobra is actually working very closely with what is called the resistance   movement and he’s disseminating information, and they’re following how people are reacting to the information.  It seems to be very positive.  People are ready for change, and they want honesty and justice.

There are many different groups here, two positive groups, one is called the Galactic Federation, and one is called the Alliance.  Certain groups are members of both, for instance the Acturians, and the Andromedeans.

Those alliances haven’t necessarily communicated with each other their plans and actions.  In the past but they both have the same goal of liberating this planet from the hostile force. Once we get rid of the hostile force it will be a big weight off our shoulders.  It’s going to be so much easier. Cobra says the Galactic family  have been unified for some time now in their actions against the hostile forces and so we are seeing tremendous progress and advances towrads the light and open interpalnetary cultural exchange is within reach in our very near future.


Earth’s True History

Can you imagine if we get the true Earth’s history told to us?  Can you imagine people sitting in a valley and having a mother ship project a holographic live show of the life of Christ or many other various teachers? Imagine a holoscreen 3 miles high and 2 miles wide and the projector is a Mothership!!! The truth can be revealed to us through a step-by-step process.

Many of these civilizations have histories that are intact for millions of years, so they’re very mature obviously.  They’ve developed themselves, focusing on their pineal, and pituitary glands, the higher dimensional planes energies into their forms.



Some of them aren’t even physical beings, in fact someone of them lower themselves to come here.  For instance, you look at Venus and there’s no life there.  Actually there is life there on the interior of Venus and on the sixth dimension, and on the surface there’s life there on the fourth and fifth.

This solar system is teeming with life, which we aren’t necessarily tuned in to.  And interesting thing to note is that the Nazca Lines, according to J.J. Hurtak in his book called “the keys of Enoch†there are actually symbols that the space people use to determine what frequency and time-space continuum to tune in to when they travel in  these multi-dimensional ships of light.

The technology is just amazing; in fact it would blow our minds.  It’s so wonderful to know that when a planet is unified behind the principals of the Christ Consciousness and are in loving service to each other, or we can call it the Krishna based name Kshatriya Chaitanya.  I don’t want to get into a religious battle, but the essence of the teachings is that the power of love can move not only mountains but create tremendous harmonious technologies.

Imagine when they land.  The first thing they’re going to do is rip out those nuclear power plants and stick in something about the size of a refrigerator and energy will be free. They will do the same thing with your car engine. The engines on all the worlds cars will be replaced by the same device that will be put in your home and the cost will only be about 350 dollars. You will never pay another electric bill or have to fill up your car with gasoline. The future is bright indeed.


Free Energy

Free energy does exist.  Nicola Tesla had E.R.G., an acronym for Earth Resonate Generation, which works harnessing the natural resonant energies that surround us naturally on the nodal points of the Earth. All the ancient societies like Atlantis used the Pyramids as the monuments themselves are the generators of the free energy!

This free energy absolutely is just the natural principal of the balance of the Yin and the Yang, the light and the dark. One of the guys in Steven Greer’s disclosure, whose name is David Adair, described his little free energy device, which basically has an infinite supply.

Howard Menger explained to me that it’s very simple; it’s counter-rotating magnetic fields.  Actually, I helped Fred Bell build a time machine which was to eventually use this technology in his back yard.  The city made us take it down but it was basically an octahedron pyramid, which he was preparing to put inside some of the advanced technology that the Pleiadians had given him.  Unfortunately, Fred never got that far.

It is interesting to note that there was water underneath the Warden Cliff tower, which Telsa built to create free energy. There is also access for water to the Great Pyramid as they both worked on the same principals. The ERG free energy utilizes an electric potential that exists in the atmosphere and the earth and is natural and not harmful to the environment and can focused by the Pyramids.


The Order of Melchizadech

The pyramid temple priest societies that exist throughout the galaxy are called The Order of Melchizadech.They all take an oath to always choose what is best for the greater good over their own desires. They utilize their free will to serve others as the highest form of spiritual service. These societies never interfere or take part in the temporal or political societal structure on any world on which they inhabit and teach! However they are often sought out and asked for advice by the leaders and administrators of various worlds.

Because we pollute their air so much we strip the air of negative Ions. So much so that we eventually create a positive potential and lightening literally is mother natures air purifier. The Earth atmosphere creates an electrical potential and the lightening bolt comes, in the same way we as people must create the potential for the light to come into our body, and that’s by preparing a place and by cleansing ourselves physically and mentally.



There are a lot of positive things coming forward and there are so many different free-energy devices, such as running our cars on water, or we could run on ethanol, or Marijuana oil.  That’s why the Rockefellers outlawed Marijuana oil.  They got together with Randolph Hearst and said, ‘you know what?  We’ll make a lot of money on gas and you’ll make a lot of money because hemp makes the best paper.  We’ll cut down the trees and make paper.â€

Randolph Hearst said that’s a great idea and, with his propaganda machine, his papers, they outlawed cannabis which was one of the most healing herbs on the planet.  Cannabis is a food, you can wear it, it’s a medicine, and you can build with it.  Henry ford built his cars to run on hemp oil but the cabal could not make money from oil that way. So were the Daimler Benz



These type of things are really societal problems which we’ll look back on in the not-too-distant future, as part of a painful growth process if Cobra is correct.  There are people who think that he’s part of the Cabal, but when I talk to the guy and ask him metaphysical, and scientific questions, he’s very engaging and the real-deal.  Cobra’s a very positive guy.

Cobra has a lot of information on the prosperity program and how we’re going to make this shift in a positive way.  That’s going to come from the populous itself.

How does one become a member of this resistance?

By your thought words deeds and actions and refusing to take part in destructive actions is the best way and to invoke the light into your heart and mind.

So, we’re resisting ignorance, superstition and fear by lighting a candle in the darkness and providing the answers and solutions to our problems.

John Wells Remarks that 1/3 of the people would be okay with cavity searches if they could get on the airplane. He mentions Alex Jones

The cabals purpose in this is instilling doubts and fear and getting people to accept restrictions on their freedoms as “necessary and good for youâ€. This is all a lie and an evil manipulation and will be dealt with in short oredr by our galactic enforcement teams soon enough. Furthermore it’s not conducive to a positive spiritual lifestyle.

I like Alex (Jones) and I think he’s doing a good job.  He’s coming from that place of outrage all the time; I’d like to see him with a little more positive attitude influence on that because those bad guys are done. Most people will be happy when they just take a step back and realize that things are changing.


The Venusians and Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor, The leader of the Venusian Fleets that monitor the earth has twelve ships positioned on the planet. These ships are cloaked and the cabal will never ever know where they are or what they are doing.  This is what I would call the actions of the solar councils. They monitor lots of the Earth’s ‘naughty’ guys in thought-word-deed and action.  At the same time they’re working with many people teaching and sharing experiences while the people are in their dreamtime, having ET contacts while they sleep.  All of these, what they call “veils†will be removed from our consciousness as we move forward and the dark force is removed from the planet. We will be able to remember more as it becomes safe to do so.

We’re at a very critical and exciting time in our Earth’s transmutation and transfiguration into whole light beings.  These Merkaba ships themselves will actually help us translate vibrationally to the next level.  They have webs of light around themselves and the entire planet right now.  They’ve been staving off massive geological upheaval, which would have taken place as a result of a natural order of cleansing because of humanity’s unbalanced thoughts and aura.



What we do here would have precipitated the pole shifts, but through a very high technology of many different space groups here. The forces of light the Ashtar Command ,The victor fleets and many others have webs of light around the planet now.  They’ve been staving off massive geological upheaval which would have taken place as the result of a natural order of cleansing because of collective cumlative effects of humanity’s unbalanced thoughts and their relationship to the earths aura. This would have precipitated some pole shifts in our recent past .

But through a very high technology of many different space groups here, they are holding the acupressure lines of the earth, the lay lines, and have prevented this frm occurring. In fact it is allowing a harmonious transition so that as many people as possible can learn to invoke the light into their beings through a process of literally transfiguring their bodies into a spiritual consciousness.


The Spiritual Message of ET’s

A big part of the message is how to develop yourself as a spiritual being.  It’s interesting to know that when Dr. Frank Stranges went on the ship at Lake Mead; they would pick him up at the airport and he could go on ship and he would see nothing, then the car would drive in.  When he gets out he has to walk in through a heavy magnetic field that cleanses the body.  That kind of stuff is interesting.

Dr. Stranges would go onboard the ship and they would have history coins.  He could look at any part of the Earth’s history and see it resurrected from the Akashic Records on a 3D holographic screen.  That was interesting stuff but really, it was the message of love, brotherhood and fellowship that was the essence and the most important part of ET contact.


The Order of Melchizadech

Dr. Frank Stranges personally asked me to join what he called the Order of Mechizadech in one of his inner circle meetings.  I thought, “well ok I’ll joinâ€.  I wasn’t taking it seriously however.  When the actual meeting took place and the ceremony began ,there was a specific oath and when he called my name to stand up, something powerful sparked inside of me. Then I noticed there was a guy there who wasn’t there before the break, and he wasn’t there after the break but he was there for this initiation.

Dr Frank said, okay, all the members of the order of Melchizadech come over, and one guy came over and put his hand on my head and he looked directly into my eyes.  I had a very strong feeling that he was one of the brothers from Victor 1, one of the Venusian flagships that are working here on a scientific and a humanitarian basis.


Actions of Service

By the way the commander Valiant Thor and his people actually pick up orphaned children from the trash heaps of the world, and take them in their space ships and bring them to loving families around the world. In the future many of these children and many other people who have remained silent will come forward more and give testimony to the truth of the benevolence and the positive influence of our space family of light.

No one’s better than anyone else.  In fact ,It’s not a question of better or worse; it’s a question of more or less.  Some of us have invoked more light and some of us have achieved more discipline and control of our thoughts.  The more positive that we think and the more fervor, zeal and enthusiasm we infuse into the actions in our life and the more abundant and prosperous we become.


Positive Future

We have a wonderful future coming forward, and I want to give this positive message all around the world in 2012 where ever in the world you are. Wherever you are, give a little prayer for peace on Dec 21st 2012.  It represents the light of the Galactic Sun hitting our earth.  We just may be seeing some big increases in these space ships around this time. The media’s not reporting them, but they’re all over.  Pretty soon the media won’t be able to deny them, like they did the Phoenix lights.


The Divine Intervention has Begun

I call them IFOs or space family , because the good guys are here. I have met them and they are the good guys and girls sent here by the creator to help us heal our world and our beings and to free us from a hostile and negative force..  We’re responsible for ourselves.  The space family not going to do anything for us personally in our spiritual growth process. To do so would violate our freewill. We have to do it all for ourselves, but they are going to help us remove a hostile alien force. They will level the playing field by acting as coordinators at the time of the “event†the enforcement of the Galactic codex and help us to arrest the insane criminals who think they run this planet for their own personal profit and power enjoyment, The space family is going to kick the 10,000 lb. gorilla out so that we can breath, and to see where we go as a species.


We Can Do It

We can reconnect and we’ve had wonderful teachers here.  Humanity is a very loving people.  I’m a member of Rainbow family and we’ve gathered in the national forests for 30 years or more.  When people are without television or electricity, and they get together, we do a pretty good job.  The cream rises to the top, people cooperate, we make entire camps, kitchens, and the people get fed.

The healthy people do this, while the weaker people do this, the musicians add their part and everyone has a part in the symphony of life.  It’s a matter of consciousness and sharing that is what is important in human relationships. This magic presence of the living word of god in each person is shared throughout the gathering it is  the resonance of the groups field and that inculcates, and creates sacred space.

If we go to the heart of the message of us who have had face to face contact with our space family and I mean the real face-to-face contactees, we’re all sharing a message of hope and peace.  That’s what Cobra and I want the world to understand; that they can be part of that message.

Cobra’s been told by the group that he’s been working with to keep his personal life secret, and that’s due to the literally life-threatening situation.  I talked to Alex Collier years ago.  He said the CIA ,the men in black suits came to him at his house and they told him, ‘You better stop talking; you’re causing a problem, so keep your mouth shut or you’re going to end up dead and so is your family.’  He told me he told them “Wait a minute†Then he went back into his house and called a guy At camp David,. He had a contact in the CIA at Langley who went over to the Mob don of the CIA at that time Frank Carlucci, and he confirmed to alex’s contact “yeah, that’s the message: keep your mouth shut and stop your little talks.â€Â  So Alex kind of withdrew from the public scene.

The space family can’t protect everyone genetically associated with Contactees.  It’s just very difficult to do, so there’s a lot of threats on people’s lives.  Dr. Frank Stranges was once given ground glass in his soup in Germany, and Valiant Thor protected him from harm on several occassions.


Death Threats and Attempts on the Lives of Contactees

One time, the military guys picked him up at the airport.  He thought they were the space people so he got in the car! Oops big mistake because  then he smelled smoke and they space people never smoke.  He was getting nervous because they started to go a different route out into the desert than the normal route to where the Victor one space ship is parked. He had been there many times and knew something was wrong! The car pulled off of the road.—check this story out, John—quite amazing—they will protect certain contacts:  The military Pushed Dr frank out of the car and 2 of these CIA hoods guys started to beat up Dr. Frank.  Commander Valiant Thor and Vice Commander Don materialized instantly beside the Drivers side door and  Valiant Thor materialized next to Dr Frank and he raised his hand in the air and Frank said that the rubber tires turned into water and melted. Then Val  he threw one guy 10 feet away from  Frank and threw the other guy next to him.  Meanwhile, Vice Commander Don reached through the window of the car and pulled him out through the door of the car! Now there we have 3 of these CIA types guys all in a heap.  And Comm. Valiant Thor raised his hand and they disappeared.  And of course my question was, ‘Where did they go?’ and he said–actually, I was thinking the same thing, and before I could ask the question, Valiant Thor said, ‘Let’s just say they’ve been displaced.’  And I asked, ‘Where do you think they went?’  And he said, ‘Maybe to the salt mines on Pluto.’

So my point is that there is a danger for genuine contactees.  Billy Meir had 12 attempts on his life, including one at point-blank range. Some guy approached him and put a 22-caliber gun to his chest over his to his heart and fired! Fortunately he had a metal notebook in his pocket which protected him.


Cobras Private Life

So understand that Cobra’s been told to keep his personal life private for this reason. He has been appearing for conferences.  He’s just going to be called Cobra, and his area of expertise is actually in what they call activation, the vortex, and creating energy / synergy amongst groups of people, and explaining this information in a balanced, down-to-earth way.

And I want to thank you, John, for being so patient listening to me.  I do rattle on a bit.  And I wanted to invite you, if you or anyone at Coast to Coast wants to join us in Egypt, or come to Laguna, you can come as my guests.

Well, you’re certainly welcome to come on the 23rd to Laguna, or even to the Alchemy Event the week before, or Egypt.  That’s going to be one heck of a ride; we have secured 4:30 to 7:00 inside the Great Pyramid and lots of other groups will be there.  There’s supposed to be some wonderful music and other things happening there, and we’d love to have you as our guest.

It’s going to be quite amazing.  We’re going to be doing some things at the Valley Temple and we’ll be sharing some interesting unknown things about the pyramids and We will be in onne of the Pyramids for the Dec.21st Portal at 1:11pm Cairo time.


12 Virtues and Keys To Personality Development

I wanted to answer your question that you posed before.  What’s keeping us from healing the planet? Literally, nothing. The sky is the limit.  It’s our own limited thoughts.  The key to the kingdom, the inner life, is a 12-faceted key, and it actually responds to the astrological signs.  The Aries is loyalty; Taurus is patience; Gemini is honesty; Cancer is perseverance; Leo is compassion; Virgo is continence; Libra is equanimity (the ability to center in your spiritual existence in the storm of tumultuous ups and downs); Scorpio is courage; Sagittarius is humility; Capricorn is temperance; Aquarius is charity; and Pisces is faith.

So by developing these virtues and suppressing the lower personality vehicle/body desires and attachment to the form and the senses. We can over come —greed, vanity, lust, anger, fear—all of these lower expressions of our personalities definitely detract from our light bodies highest attunement to source. Some have called  the auric field of light a Merkaba Field.  And as my favorite Yaqui shaman Don Juan says, you have points of attention or fixations which exist on this light body or auric egg.


The Auric Egg

Now there is science of discerning where where are blocks or weaknesses are based on our individual personality short comings. Depending on your personality type as defined by the Enegram model we all will have a tendency to have fixations on our auric egg. This is where our personality will fragment and go out of its divine connected state to the source, into the material seeking nature. For someone who can “SEE†the auric egg there are indentations as we all must view the infinite from a similar perspective or we would not all be in the same time space continuum.

Don Juan could see the auric egg and there are secret techniques for shifting the perspective of an initiate and these techniques jar the awreness from the first attention, which we all more or less are confined to into a more open and unlimited reality construct and this is a very complex metaphysical process which I feel the ET’s will be able to guide us through so we can become whole light beings and be able to Fly on the wings of our perception throughout eternity!

Semjase said, many sage like and spiritual things in her conversations with Fred Bell  “Don’t seek the manifest;  seek the unmanifest.â€Â  She had some other cool things like she said “Quartz crystals are the perfect synthesis of spirit and matter in zero timeâ€.

It’s about balance.  And it’s about the truth.  One little lie creates a whole host of problems in the world. Someone gets a little greedy and adds a preservative that will make their food last longer so they can ship it to more people and make more profit. The owner of the company knows this is unhealthy but he doesn’t care because he will make more profit for himself and so he lies to people and tells them it is ok this toxic additive will not harm you.


One Little Lie ET Healing Technology

Unfortunately this one little llie can have devastating consequences for the heal th of millions. So sodium benzoate, BHA, BHT are standard, common, but they are denigrating our genetics.  The ET’s have wonderful technology and part of it we will be revealing at our conferences. This technology  like the Nuclear Receptor has the ability to re-establishing the proper harmonics of the DNA. By  resonating a harmonius scalar field the Receptor and the other pyramid technologies infuse into the body’s auric field a healthy environment.

This is what we should be supporting  instead of technologies  opposed that denigrate our life force.  IIn the end it is a personal choice, and in my opinion it’s really about the power of decision. This is the test we all face each day a million time do we choose for truth? The earth is, as JJ Hurtak says, The earth is a biological, testing zone. We are being subject to an endless onslaught of lies and technologies that supress and attack our spiritual natures. Not only on a psychological level but a very real and very harsh physical level as well.

It’s really a challenge, and sometimes I just cry and throw up my arms.  I’ve been in this for so long, John.  I’ve kept so silent.  Friends thought I was crazy always talking about our friendly space family and the fact that I have been trying to share this message of hope for our world.

Semjase said to me years ago , ‘For all the people who are ridiculing  you now, there will be a hundred more people who want to hear what you want to say.’  I recently started a blogspot called babarobgod and I’m going to be sharing more and more information.  For free.  I’m not about making money; I’m about getting this information out and letting people understand the science of meditation.  I will ofer products to aid in the natural return to a higher vibration but this is the way of the world now  and as long as money exists, I will prefer to work in the field of healing and health.


Agarthan Network

There are many different lineages of spiritual truth which the GWBS and the GFL have used throughout the history of the last 26 thousand years to maintain the light . The true understanding of the nature of consciousness and to the way of soul progession  has been available to outer world in only small fragments and mostly hidden from the prying eyes of disbelief and the powers that be. The powers are hostile to these teachings because those who become lierated spiritually are not able to be controlled and actually influence others to sperate from the established societal constructs of darkness.

Among the spiritual lineages that existed from the times of Atlantis, there was one called The order of Melchisadech. These ancient pyramid temple societies that existed went underground after the invasion of the hostile alien forces. In each of the Temples and Pyramids were great teachers called the RA’s.  RA, in Egypt; RAMA in the Himalayas, under the Bermuda triangle a society was created and they live in dome cities and the are called RA YOLO, unde the matto Grasso in Brazil is a city called Posiided, under Mt Shasta in northern California is a city called Telos and the ancient lineage of light there is called RAMU

There are probaly many others I know there is one in the Carpathian mountains called the Brotherhood of the star and there are earth members admitted who are mebers of the order of the star. Both of these groups have some contact with ascended masters from sirius and this is what is known as The Blue Lodge. This is the real thing not the Rosicrusian fraud!

These different underground lineages maintained contact with the surface population on a very limited level.  These are the initiates and different people who are working with—some of them are ascended masters.  All planets, even the Pleiadians have ascended masters.  There are different levels of mastery.  It’s all a process.  And if we maintain an open mind and if our intent is good, if we seek the Source of all that is good, beautiful and true, and we don’t want to hurt anyone, we can’t miss.  And if we keep doing the good things.and follow the golden rule ans see each person as our brother or sister we are on the right track!

The way I look at it is it’s like you’re batting and the fast ball comes and how do you deal with it?  You make a mistake; it’s okay.  That’s ball one. You just keep going it.  It’s an eternal progression.  You always are.  You are always your self.


The Moody Blues

When I was young I had an experience in the vortex at Freds.  I said, “Fred, you know the Moody Blues?â€Â  He said, “No.â€Â  I said, “You’re going to in the future.â€Â  Sure enough, years later we met the Moody Blues and I traveled with to  three of their concerts.  Fred got the pass and he followed them across the country, He wanted to move in with them. He and his 3rd wife Rowena went to quite a few shows. One of his daughters has Ray thomas the flute player as her godfather  They wrote a song called “Slipping in a Time Zone†Fred claimed it was about him It could have been as I told you we built a time machine in his back yard!

Each moment is sacred and can be  transcendental and magical. I find it interesting to see how easy it is in an instant to be transfigured into a spiritual experience.  But to maintain it?  We all oscillate.  I listened to some of your shows after we talked and the people who recommended I contact you said you’re the man.  And you’ve obviously had some deep, profound, spiritual moments in your life.  For you, what is the essence that’s brought you to your center, your most profound experience?


Guardian Angels

Well, my most profound experience was having a really serious problem addressed in a way that, without this intevention, it would have been completely unsurvivable.  And not just once.  There was a really good one on November 16 of ’09, but there have been several before that when it should have been check-out time, but there was just a calm that settled over everything and business was taken care of.  I turned completely 180 degrees at over 70 miles an hour, collapsed the inner and outter tie-rod  on this really bad to the bone Trans AM it had all kinds of horsepower.  It was just a freak deal.  I tried to pass on the shoulder because traffic was getting stupid and then it got completely stupid.  Boy that thing went right into a 180, cut across talk about someone looking out for you.

Dr. Frank Stranges said that we all have guiding and guardian angels.  And it’s kind of hard, this nomenclature, and we think oh, is there someone assigned to us our whole life?  Well, who knows what time is like in the higher dimensions and how that works?  But obviously you have a purpose and your number’s not up yet.  And it seems as though there is this element that transcends everything

Sleep paralysis; you dream that you’re awake and your body is paralyzed What about that, Rob?  Out of body; back in?

If you’re exiting out of the body like during sleep that, you will often be outside of your body and your still inside of your body also, sort of in between. This paralysis is what you feel.  There’s very definitely the soul’s ability to come and go from the body.  As far as it hard getting back in, I’m reminded of the near death experience andstory of Ray Brown and the Atlantean crystal?  Do you know tabout that Cyrstal ?


Ray Browns Atlantian Crystal

One of my first kind of real psychic experienceswas when I was  probably 19. Ray Brown The doctor who found “The Alantean Crystalwas going around with this  crystal he found in the Bermuda Triangle.  And he told this story in person and then he unveiled this crystal that started pulsing in my third eye.  He was searching for sunken treasure off the coast of Florida near the Bermuda Triangle. The glass-bottom boats were fillled with tourists and were dangerously close to this live real time search and discovery mission in 1968. The boats operators were explaining the about the divers and the tourists were saying  ‘oh, look at the divers.’  The glass bottom boat driver was dostracted and hit Dr Brown.

He got hit by a boat and he went down.  It knocked him out.  He basically had a near death experience, he basically died and left his body he was under the water for two hours and they finally airlifted him out.  The pilot thought he was dead and the other guy the paramedic was arguing with the pilot and was somehow copelled to give him mouth to mouth and CPR after he had been under the water for two hours and he survived.

He had a very profound NDE and this is his story as he related it to me at a lecture he gave when I was 19. He said as he was dying  he expanded his awareness into the ocean; it was beautiful and eventually after going through a tunnel of white light he found himself in a room with 12 men with beards.  They said, ‘you’re not to die yet; you have a mission, and you’re going to find a crystal inside a large pyramid.  Well after this poof He is watching the paramedic do CPR and then he comes back into his body and is revived.

Then sure enough, about a year and a half later, he finds himself near a big tropical storm and he’s with 3 other people and they are all still searching for shipwreck treasure off the Bimini coast of Florida.  They purposely ran their boat onto an atoll and lashed themselves to to the boat and the boat to the coconut trees.  They knew it was  going to get rough and it did but they came through it ok and in the morning they noticed the ocean was particularly clear.  The storm had moved some sand and the found some atlantian ruins. Keep in mind this is in 1968 when Edgar Cayce predicted Atlantis would be found.

Anyway he and the other 3 divers went down, and  they found a 400 ft. pyramid!

Somehow he seperated from the other 3 and found the entrance to the pyramid! This pyramid has been found on sonar; it’s been in National Examiner,. Some years ago. It has also been in the the Enquirer.

He went into this entrance in this giant pyramid down there.  There was this huge phoenix on the wall made out of rubies and emeralds and stuff left from Atlantean times, and the only thing that was moving in the room was this Small cyrstal loose inside this metal hand coming up from the center of a table with 12 chairs around it.

Ray said that from the ceiling was one of those typical space metal rods and at the end of it was a giant ruby. So there is a metal rod from the ceiling and right below it resting in a metal hand was this small loose crystal rsting inside the metal hand. You can see this cyrstal it has a shadow or a smoky occlusion shaped like a pyramid in it.  He grabbed it.  It had an occlusion, a shadow of a pyramid in it.  He heard a voice and so did the other 3 divers with him that said, “You have what you’ve come for.  Do not return.â€Â  I think one of the divers went back and he ended up dying on the attempt to fing the pyramid.

Ray Brown is still around or maybe he died? But  I know  that the  crystal he found is definitely still around.  It’s like the crystal skulls.  It’s a very powerful device that seemed to activate my light body. When he bought it out it literally felt like someone was tap dancing on my third eye around my pineal gland! I can say that I’ve definitely have had experience with the pyramids and the crystals in raising the vibrations of the body, kind of a quickening.

And we can all do this through, just as that gentleman said, by focusing our intent and awareness and becoming conscious of our literal light/magnetic field body which inhabits our physical body.

John Wells What about flu shots Rob

I certainly would stay away from the flu shots.  I work very closely with Len Horowitz.  I was working underneath him in his house in 2009 . we were working in Laguna Beach.  I’ve known him for years.  I was helping him during the Swine Flu scare and propaganda push by the CDC and I wrote a link on one of his webpages called My efforts were in a link  called “community actionâ€.

In our research we found that they were saying the swine flu just came out of nowhere? It was a totally manufactured event total false fear based propaganda designed to make millions for the phamaceutical companies and an attempt to micro chip implant the populous and to GIVE them the virus in the shot to make sure some people got sick and many had more serious direct injuries from the vaccination itself! In many vaccination programs deaths have been proven to be a direct cause of the vaccination itself.

In our research we found that they were saying the swine flu just came out of nowhere?  We found the patent to the company that had the vaccine was created two years before it came out.  I don’t know about cortisone, but we do know that they have a nanotechnology microchip that can fit in the head of a needle; that’s a possibility; they do have technology that can attenuate those microchip frequencies in your body to specific genetic phenotypes and actually inculcate certain types of diseases.

According to Cobra, these various technologies have been rendered impotent by Divine Decree from Higher Dimensions tand that the galactic federation forces are not allowing this type of thing to take place anymore.

As more and more people like you John Q Public step forward and refuse to take part in those things, bravely step forward, the sooner that’s going to take place.  And I have to say it’s getting better all the time.  We couldn’t have this conversation 10 years ago.  People are much more educated.  One of the big movements of the positive ET forces was to make sure that the internet got to the public; this has now bypassed the newspapers and the manipulated media for information.  Very few people get their information from mainstream news; those who do are simply parroting a party line.  The information highway is wide open and the inner highway is open.

So connect to your inner self.  The sooner we all look at each other—when I look at people I try to see them as divine beings, to look beyond their personalities and see above them this lighted presence of God that’s part of me.  Now, when they cut me off on the road, I probably cuss and scream more than anyone else, I get very impatient and I lose that.  But ideally, always get back on the horse of forgiveness, of understanding, of tolerance, of allowance and kindness.  And when you serve others, you serve yourself.  Sacrifice your time for the betterment of the whole in whatever way you feel that’s going to make this world a better place. I think this will happen sooner rather than later if people continue wake up and resist the darkness by lighting a candle and being part of the solution.

The government has had a ground wave thing called ELF, extremely low frequency that is carried along the regular transmitter lines.  It starts at HARP and various other locations and it’s part of what I call the electronic fence.  It has mental entrainment capabilities

They keep it out of the newspapers because they control the media, but it’s obvious.  You hold a cell phone and your hand hurts.  Little girls are getting cancer and they’re using their cell phones all the time.

I’ve done massage therapy for thirty years and one of the things I do is I’m a healer.  I have a practice in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles where I’ve worked on movie stars throughout my life and I can tell you that when I get near a cell phone it literally shocks me.

The body carries electricity.  We have three nervous systems.

  1. 1.   The sympathetic
  2. 2.   The parasympathetic
  3. 3.   The autonomic

The autonomic is your base minerals; your heart function, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and things like this, base minerals.

But the conscious mind is reflective minerals and that’s the sympathetic, such as your thoughts. These minerals are silver, chromium vanadium etc.

When you get into the parasympathetic or what’s called the vegas nerve, the third ventricle of the brain, the psychic area of the body, the super-conscious which bridges the conscious with the subconscious, you get into europium, berrylyum, Ormus, etheric gold, all of these subtle minerals help to chelate the vitamins and help to super charge the aura.

Part of the new technology, especially with the Sirians, which is coming forward, is the alchemical mixtures of various natural root substances. There are natural remedies and cures provided by our creator to bring us back to balance. Eventually we will put a stop the technologies that got us out off imbalance in the first place and we can leave these medicines behind for good.

We will follow the laws of nature as it is revealed to us through our own pure thinking as we connect to the universal divine mind.

We have a bad situation of man made pollution, which we can heal through natural herbs. There’ s a potent combination of concoctions, tinctures and salves, ointments all these things different things in combination, now, with advanced tonics and remedies rendered more powerful by sonic vibrational healing essence homeopathicaly infused with crystals and color scalar field and tachyon products  are going to create balance in the body and strengthen the DNA, as opposed to destroying it like these frequencies.

I plan on leading the way in these technologies in honor of Fred Bell and will do my best to educate the public and to make these products available through my website.

Most of these evil agendas are done they are loosing power and will eventualy end in The event and the mass arrest of these world class criminals. I can tell you that tremendous inroads are being made behind the scenes.  A lot of these negative plans and programs, those still in effect have very little teeth now.  We’re going to see some major movement in the near future if Cobra’s right, but I won’t say when.  I will say to look for it and be part of the solution.

Know that we are all divine spirits/sparks of the infinite Creator. In our divine essences, we’re the embodiment of love.  Help ever, and hurt never, and remember we’re like a drop of the ocean. If you take a vial of the ocean and put it in a bottle and separate it from the ocean, it becomes very foul after a week.  So stay close to the inner light within yourself.

Thank you John and God bless you.

Rob Potter








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