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Dear Promise Friends,

It is my honor and pleasure to Announce The Promise Revealed is going to offer to answer as many questions as possible to our followers on any subject on our website. Raymond Keller and I will Attempt to be a Cosmic “Dear Abby” or an “Ann Landers” type of public forum to receive questions from our followers and to post our answers publically. I usually don’t find people who have the same views as I do on many subjects and various cosmic teachings.

However, my dear friend Raymond is someone that does resonate with my world view and so I feel comfortable sharing the duties of the Cosmic Postman. We intend to just deliver the answers to your questions to the best of our abilities here on this blog page. So once a month starting Dec. 1st, 2020 we will post on The Victory of The Light Blog you see posts titled Rob & Cosmic Ray’s Mail Bag.

Raymond Keller and I will answer your questions and we will share the answers here on my website. We both have lots of metaphysical knowledge and experience with our space family. Raymond is clearly my Teacher in this respect however I will respond to your questions as well.

If Raymond or I cannot answer a question we will submit it to our Venusian friends and we may or may not be able to get a response from them. We can make no promises but will do our best to be of service. Like Raymond and I many people hunger for the truth and because someone answered our questions when we wanted to know something. We feel it would be the right thing to do to try to answer questions posed by others in their quest for understanding.

How To Submit Your Questions

We are going to ask you to formulate very simple and short questions about anything on this website or a metaphysical subject or questions about our Venusian space family and Galactic Federation neighbors. We request that a much as possible you do not go into too much detail about your personal story. We absolutely need the questions to be concise and direct in your submission. Please realize we will not and cannot answer any personal questions in this public forum. Personal questions can be submitted through my personal counseling sessions. 

Here is what you can do if you want to send us one or two simple questions on any subject. Please email me via [email protected] in the Subject Box please put the words Mail Bag. If your question is chosen you may see the answer to your question in one of our monthly Mail Bag Blog Posts.

Raymond and I have been discussing creating something like this on my website for quite some time so I guess now is the time to make this available. I hope you will take the time to send us a question and to follow me on all my social media accounts. All of which can be found on the bottom of the home page on The Promise Revealed Website

With Love In The Light of Venus

Rob & Cosmic Ray

To give you a sample we are going to make this the first post in the cosmic mailbag.


Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy, available on while supplies last. 

Whether in times of the dreaded coronavirus, riots, or even alien invasion, you can count on the heroic postal worker to deliver your mail (DC Comics, 1962).


      Q.       I am Víctor from Bilbao, Spain.  I apologize; but in your, Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015), you forgot the Italian contactee Eugenio Siragusa, perhaps the most important in the world, because he helped to prevent World War III from emerging out of the Cuban missile crisis thanks to the same Ashtar that contacted George Van Tassel at Giant Rock, California, USA, during the period of the Korean Conflict.  Eugenio Siragusa was also contacted by Adoniesis and other beings from planets besides Venus; but contact with Ashtar Sheran of Venus was the most important of his life, without a doubt.  There are three books in Spanish written by Victorino del Pozo that are vital to understanding that situation: 1) Siragusa, Mensajero de Los extraterrestres; 2) Siragusa el Anunciador (oscurecimiento global del planeta) and 3) The truth and persecution of Siragusa.


            The following article appeared in the Italian newspaper La Sicilia in the first week of October 1962:



By Mr. Eugenio Siragusa, Earth correspondent of the cosmic brothers who, in their self-interest, exercise control over the strategic points of our planet with their electromagnetically-powered spaceships and defensive weaponry


            La Sicilia Editor’s NoteThose who fear that there is an atomic war coming soon maybe calm because according to the message sent by the space brothers via telepathy through the cosmic ethers and received last Thursday night, 4 October 1962, by Mr. Eugenio Siragusa, extraterrestrial electromagnetically-propelled spaceships are standing by and prepared to take action and oppose any atomic conflict.   Our fellow citizen Eugenio Siragusa is one of the few inhabitants of the planet chosen by the cosmic brothers as a representative on Earth with the work or mission of periodically receiving messages that have been sent from space to men.  Such messages are received by Mr. Siragusa by telepathy or automatic writing.  The last message received is of total relevance and reads as follows:


            “Our magnetically-propelled ships are permanently on target and control all the strategic points of your globe.  They stand ready to intercept any aircraft of Earth that carries an atomic bomb against any target.  Our action will be absolutely successful because our scientific progress exceeds yours by several millennia.  We know from sad experience of the apocalyptic effects that such a conflict would have on the already precarious stability of your planet and even on the entire solar system.  For this reason, we have long been watching with great care the political, military and above all scientific development of you terrestrial beings.  Our targeting controls are aimed at the atomic establishments of the United States and the Soviet Union, and especially their developments in the field of missiles.  We intervene as necessary by hindering your war plans with our devices because we are convinced that your intellectual preparation has not reached the point of knowing how to control the immense force that such advances give to man conscientiously.  We are convinced that such control will be needed to be employed in Cuba, where a situation has been created that could well extend itself into armed conflicto in outer space between the forces of the Soviet Union and the United States.  We will use our technology to disarm all atomic and nuclear weapons pertinent to the Cuban Missile Crisis in the interest of maintaining peace and thereby keeping these hostilities from going beyond the Caribbean, your world, and into our domain of outer space.” 




            After the 4 October 1962 message, the Cuban Missile Crisis of 16-28 October 1962 was positively resolved and the Russian missile bases in Cuba were dismantled.   A year later on 5 August 1963, President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty on Nuclear Weapons.



            Now, I would like to ask you where you got the history of Catalina de Erauso?   In my Internet search, there is one autobiography that I came across; but I believe it is a complete fake. I’d also like to get books on the history of the Basque country from you or your favorite author, if possible. 


-Victor M.

Monday, 1 June 2020



Dr. Raymond Keller’s Response


4 June 2020


Dear Victor: 


            Many thanks for your interesting and informative letter.  I will be sure and read the books you cited by Victorino del Pozo in regards to the life and work of the prophetic Italian contactee Eugenio Siragusa.  Sorry for my oversight of Siragusa.  I hope the publication of your letter and my response will prove satisfactory in addressing this issue.  Of one of my associates, Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, a contactee from Bolivia with ultra-dimensional Venusians, I have recently translated one of his works from Spanish, El Sello del Dragon (The Dragon Seal), which should be coming out in print very soon, publisher yet to be determined.   


            Concerning my Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet, the ongoing mission of the Venusian Emissary Valiant Thor to the White House of President Dwight David Eisenhower to promote the aims of nuclear disarmament and peace are fully covered.  Also, I have much new information and never-before-seen documents and photographs about Valiant Thor and his peace mission on Rob Potter’s website.   This includes all of the behind-the-scenes actions taken by Venusian operatives on Earth since the arrival of Valiant Thor on Earth to work towards the establishment of nuclear non-proliferation, atmospheric test bans on atomic and nuclear weapons, as well as the demilitarization of outer space.  Since I am an American citizen and a proud veteran of both the United States Navy and United States Army, the initial book in the Venus series primarily reflects the impact that the Venusian presence on Earth has occupied in my natal country.  By the way, I will be speaking along with Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower, at the forthcoming Meet the Venusians Conference at Mt. Shasta, California, this summer, 26-30 August 2020.  I am sure that she will have much more information about Valiant Thor and his meetings with her great-grandfather to share with all in attendance. 


            But please keep in touch, because there are soon-to-be- released Venus IV and V volumes that will impart decidedly more international, even interplanetary revelations about our sister planet.  Venus IV will be titled the Vast Venus Conspiracy and will reveal the truth about the Venus cover-up foisted on the entire world by the global elites. 


            As to the information on Catalina de Erauso, a.k.a. Lady Orda, it comes directly from her, supplemented by material obtained with the help of staff at the library and genealogical section of the Basque Cultural Center in Boise, Idaho.  A comprehensive biography of the Basque-French sea captain and trader Juan de Chourio appears in my book, Emergence of the Afro-Zulians in the Transatlantic World, 1722-1811 (Lewiston, New York:  Edwin Mellen Press, 2012), 315 pages, which is loaded with extensive background material on sundry aspects of Basque culture, history, religion, etc., along with a plethora of extensive footnotes.  A good general history of the Basque people is found in Mark Kurlansky’s The Basque History of the World (Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1999). 

In the light of Venus!

-“Cosmic Ray”

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