Craig Campobasso Interview / Rob The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac

You can watch this informative video here: Craig Campobasso and Rob – ET Almanac

I met Craig at Frank Stranges Inner circle meeting in Las Vegas in 2004. In this interview, we catch up on our work furthering the Venusian mission to provide people with an understanding of the reality of the message of peace and worldwide change. Craig wrote the screenplay for his movie called Stranger at the Pentagon about Dr. Stranges meeting with Valiant Thor at the Pentagon. Val was sent to offered the powers that be to begin an interplanetary cultural exchange with the galactic federation. Ike Eisenhower wanted to make it happen but the deep state Reptillian Black Sun group wanted nothing to do with it and Majestic 12 made a deal with Tall greys instead of exchanging technology for human lives and alleged harmless monitoring. We have been paying for it ever since. Craig has researched over 80 races and it is in his new book.
“The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics”

This is the ultimate field guide to the 82 extraterrestrial species that populate the universe. ET enthusiast Craig Campobasso explores the origins, physical characteristics, technological and consciousness abilities, dimensional capacities, belief systems, and cosmic agendas of each of the species.
The species fall into two categories: 1) benevolent races, which function as the guardians of humanity, whose goals include helping people overcome duality, healing, and protecting; and #2) the malevolent races, which are responsible for abductions, cloning, and ultimately world domination and human extinction.

This intergalactic expose will entertain all those interested in UFOs, aliens, ETs. Sci-fi and fantasy fans of the Marvel universe; Star Trek, Star Wars, and other popular TV shows like Ancient Aliens; Roswell, and Project Blue Book are prime targets for this book that delves deep into who the real extraterrestrials are and what they want with the people of Earth.



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