Dr. Raymond Keller Introduction

Dear Friends,

It is my great joy, privilege and an honor for me to write the introduction to this new book that you are reading. The reason is that I am so very excited for as many people as possible to learn of the great soul known as Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller II.

I personally learned about Raymond through Frank Chile. Frank is an old friend of mine from 1978 who is a wonderful and enthusiastic brother, with vast knowledge of the Space Brothers and Sisters that serve our mother earth. Frank and I spent many hours together in association with a famous contactee named Gabriel Green who lived in Yucca Valley, Ca.

Like you I am an earnest and diligent seeker of truth and rejoice whenever I find an authentic source of information on any subject. Not unlike Raymond I can say my life has been a calling towards a true gnosis of our Space Family and our relationship with them.

November 2017 sees Cosmic Ray enter into my life. After a series of amazing phone calls with the Coz, I realized the spiritual knowledge he shared with me was unparalleled. Many contactees are often recognized as intelligent and intuitively adept but I understood Raymond was in class all by himself.

I also knew Raymond was a very special soul by the warmth he always exuded. I have analyzed many other contactees and feel I have a good understanding of who is for real and those who are struggling to define their contact experience. Raymond is a well-adjusted contactee who is fulfilling a great purpose by writing these books.

In the beginning of our association my skeptical nature and judgmental character were being put to the test by my conversations with Raymond.

However he not only expanded my knowledge of the extra terrestrials and their mission to earth, he also helped me to realize many things about myself.

The first was that the universe is NOT always what we think about it to be. What we earth people think we actually know about space and the scientific facts and physics of space travel is really a pittance. When we compare ourselves our culture to the 3 billion year cultural history of the Venusian inhabitants we are surely infants in cosmic knowledge.

I realized I was extremely blessed when I had this knowing feeling that I had found a loving teacher of light in Raymond. It was soon after I began a series of interviews and conversations with my favorite Egghead of UFO research. I say this with great adoration of my dear friend whom I openly consider to be a genius when it comes to writing.

His Venus Rising Trilogy a concise history of the third planet is by far the most well researched book on the history of the planet Venus ever written. Never before has such a compendium of information been placed into the public domain.

Coz as his close friends call him is a dear brother and a true master in the humblest sense of the word. Frank Chile, Raymond and I, all considered Gabriel Green a true mentor in our quest for light and understanding on the road to truth.

We can all attest to the magnificence of Gabe’s knowledge. Gabe would share his experiences and always was generous and kind to all of us. Gabe freely showered a tremendous amount of information on all who would knock on his door seeking answers.

Because the space family was monitoring the visitors who came to Gabriel’s house in the California desert they often provided unique experiences for the disciples under his tutelage. These experiences were designed to let the students know the space family was real.

Furthermore we all realized the brothers were watching and their technology that they used for this monitoring was being used responsibly. They would move things in the house like a painting on the wall to emphasize a point in the conversation. Sometimes lights would turn on and off as well as a TV in another room.

These were some of the many significant “phenomenon” type experiences at Gabe’s house. For me these also included being taken to a location where a spaceship landed in the desert not 30 feet from me. I also received a phone call from outer space after Gabriel called me once! This may sound a little far fetched for the average person but I can assure you this was all very real.

I myself have been privileged like Cosmic Ray to have some physical contacts with Venusians and Pleiadean people. These experiences were very exciting and informative in many ways but are nothing like the physical contact experiences of Cosmic Ray.

Raymond was very fortunate indeed that Gabe introduced him to a woman named “Delores Barrios” who at that time Raymond thought was a UFO researcher. However at that time she was secretly residing on Venus and was appearing to many contactees to aid them in their missions to bring the truth to the people of the earth.

This is the truth that Raymond and I are striving to share today. We wish for the people of earth to rest assured of the peaceful mission of our Venusian cousins will someday be realized. I hope that soon we together as brothers and sisters will worship the power of love as the anointed one taught us over 2,000 years ago.

Raymond has listed his books as magic realism to be accepted by the public. Do not be fooled by these limiting words, which tend to have the reader considering this book series as a fiction only.

Raymond’s knowledge of the space family is from first hand experience. His experiences are beyond any magic possible by any earth-based magician. These books are actually written from knowledge garnered from his personal contacts. He is by far one of the most important contactees of our time.

In fact Raymond’s narrative is more profound than a cursory examination of his books would allow. The trilogy to the date of this writing is more than a simple tome by a respected researcher. It must be fully understood and read with an open mind and a pure heart to plumb the depths of its amazing revelation.

Raymond has been thrust into the public eye since the age of 15 when he and a friend saw a space ship and their story was in the National Enquirer. Raymond has been the author of numerous articles on Space Ships.

Among his many sundry talents and accomplishments I can say he has created countless groups and newsletters studying flying saucers. He also seems to know more about almost every contactee and researcher that I have ever heard of and knows their contributions like the back of his hand. He also counts as friends many researchers who share with him special documents and evidence that are not so publically well known.

He knows personally Leo Sprinkle, Allen Hyneck and so many others all with tremendous research libraries. Ray’s research is painstaking and laborious.

When Raymond is done with a book we are left with a finely polished jewel that reflects the deeper truths important to the real ongoing process I call Interplanetary Cultural Exchange.

When I find some information in one of his books that is special and query him he often demurs his experience. He is really just being shy and humble because he has been privileged to live on Venus for 3 ½ months from the December 2012 – February 2013. This is not a joke this is not a fantasy this is a real contact experience that he has had and continues to enjoy to this day.

In the beginning or our association I myself thought I was an open-minded person, but I found myself in a state of disbelief and wanting to challenge Raymond’s honesty. In truth I should have been checking my ego and what I thought to be real. His books are written in a sly way so as to cloak his vast contact experiences between the lines so to speak.

This is particularly true in the first two books; Venus Rising and Rockets to Venus. These books are filled with little known facts. These books correct, chide and scold the establishment of the Scientists, NASA and most of the governments of the world that are knowing participants in this cover up of the truth that we are openly being visited by benevolent friends from Venus and others within our own solar system and beyond.

These cover ups are vain attempts to dispatch the truth that the universe is teeming with life. Don’t worry though the truth has a way of making itself known despite mankind’s stubborn insistence in shoving his head into the sand of doubt in the face of mountains of evidence.

In fact I am encouraged to share with you the queens message to earth that “Venus and the hierarchy of light extends joyous greetings to the people of earth. Venus is the highest manifestation love on the physical plane in the solar system”. Read on dear friends to learn about Raymond’s excellent adventure and wonderful experiences.

In Ray’s 3rd book his fantastic research is filled with so many tidbits of little known truth that astute reader will be gratefully satisfied. This primary experience that he has enjoyed is one that you can read about in the trilogy called “Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Adventure”.

Please get all of these books if you can as these are crucial to de mystifying the Space Family and their mission to earth. I also feel it is important for you all to know that Raymond is chosen to be a custodian of this hitherto hidden knowledge because of his well balanced personality.

Raymond exhibits in his character a truly special development of the highest virtues. Like my other Venusian contactee friends Dr. Frank Stranges, Luis Mostajo and even my “Little Venusian” friend who came from the 6th dimension Omnec Onec, Raymond is a shining example of what a person should be.

Cosmic Ray is honest, kind, humble and always thinking of others. He is always patient and never raises his voice or says anything bad about anybody.

He works serving those less fortunate and continues to volunteer countless hours to helping those who cannot help themselves to due age, financial condition and health challenges. We all could use his life of service as an example for us all to follow.

In the trilogy of books you will learn some of the following information:
1.) Raymond was living in China when Delores Barrios (aka Lady Orda) invited him to an “Ascension Party”

2.) Raymond Travels in a “Nimbus” to Tibet and then onto Venus.

3.) He watches spellbound as Lady Mazu the Chinese Saint ascends to the Great Central Sun.

4.) His Friend who invited him to Venus Delores Barrios aka Lady Orda is announced the New Queen of Venus!

5.) He meets with “wonderment and awe” the ascended master El Morya the “Accidental Apostle” or “Lord Dysmas”

6.) He soon receives permission from Morya and the newly installed Queen Lady Orda to view the Akashic records. He does so despite the Chrono masters objections.

7.) He spend 3 months viewing the earth’s history and even future. In these forays he learns details unknown by special viewing apparatus the earths relationship to Venus.

8.) He sees all of his previous lifetimes including his first incarnation as the roman scribe and poet Publius Virgil Mauro.

9.) Finally he actually travels back in time to 1954 with the current Queen of Venus his friend Lady Orda.

10.) Due to nuclear experiments of the 1950’s their time travelling “Nimbus” the bi location technology is disrupted by distortions in the tachyon drive leaving Raymond and the Queen literally lost in time!

I am sure all of this has blown your mind so I will refrain from more outlandish tales. However I suggest you buy all of these books as soon as possible to determine for yourself the veracity of these stories.

I can promise you will learn more about our amazing and vast universe and the Pleroma of various beings that inhabit the multi dimensional planes of existence than you ever thought possible.

The remaining knowledge Raymond has to share is so vast and covers so much information it is truly the 8th wonder of the world. Lets hope he can finish the other 8 books that are waiting in his fertile mind to be shared with us all.

I wish to thank you all for reading this and I hope you will forgive my extremely long introduction. I have recently returned from China with Raymond on a speaking tour and I have been able to know him better than ever.

He is so full of love and has such a great sense of humor that it is my mission to reveal him for the diamond he is, hidden in the rough of today’s world behind the curtain of confusion.

Please pause for a moment to try to grasp that the Venusian mission of peace is a spiritual one to connect us all to our authentic selves in an ongoing eternal revelation of truth. Look past the current sensationalist talk of disclosure and prognostications of those with little or no experience.

Rather we should look to the core of the space family’s intent and their attempts to lift us up from our self created quagmire of mental speculation, superstition and fear.

Please trust that we will assuredly eventually rise to the heights beyond hate and death and war to the glorious future that awaits the in the evolution mankind to the stars and beyond.

I will bid you adieu for now and wish to thank Raymond and Lady Orda for their confidence and support in me. The time they have taken to encourage me to go forward has been a great bolster to my path in life and faith towards establishing the presence of God in my own life.
Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter
Mt Shasta Ca.

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