Global Currency Reset Kimberly Goguen- A Contactees Perspective

Watch Global Currency Reset Kimberly Goguen- A Contactees Perspective

This is a longer Video on the Backstory of Global Currency Reset & Reptillian influence on our world their earthy representatives. The corrupted ones plans and Motus Operandi using the power of the 1%. The good news of humanities representative in control of the true Qquantum Financial SystemKimberly Goguen and my understanding of her mission and my support of her integrity and intentions to free humanity from the parasites of politicians militarists and financial criminals. We must all take responsibility and remove from positions of power those corrupted personages and their implied authority. Get a glass of water the red pill is going to be hard to swallow for some. Let’s take back our sovereignty our rights and heal our world together. Learn more about this at my Mt Shasta Summer conference August 26th-29th

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