Luis Maertens Introduction

I feel so honored that my friend Luis Maertens is allowing me to write the introduction to his amazing book, The Dragon Seal. I feel a great happiness in finally being able to share with the English-speaking world this most humble and kind soul. It is a pleasure to introduce you to Luis so that you, too, can know of this gentleman and his wonderful life’s work.

Some years ago, I found Luis on his YouTube channel and saw a video he made of a spaceship appearing underwater to one his group excursions to the “Island of the Sun” on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. I knew I had to reach out to him but at the time I never imagined that I would be able organize English-speaking groups from around the world to travel to meet Luis and to go on his amazing journeys and enjoy his company in person. I still am co-creating journeys with Luis and always encourage others to seek out his information whenever possible. Knowing Luis and learning from him is one of the great joys of my life.

What struck me upon meeting Luis is his gentle demeanor and the fact that his soft-spoken words are always delivered with a calm and loving presence. His character exudes the confidence and assuredness that I was seeking in a teacher. I NEVER had a doubt that his experiences were real nor for a second questioned that any of his experiences were fabricated. He has no ego; and if you meet him you will know that he has no inkling of an agenda of any kind with regard to sharing his mission and life story, other than the uplifting of humankind on this planet.

Because I speak only a limited amount of Spanish and he is still in the process of studying and striving for fluency in English, we have had to work a little harder to understand each other in the nuances of our communications. His extremely beautiful and charismatic wife Anna has been very patient with me in translating our conversations through the years. Right away upon meeting Luis, I realized I was not only becoming friends with a genuinely nice person but a spiritual adept as well. As an extraterrestrial contactee before he was 13 years- old, Luis stands amongst the few who are having ongoing and repeated contacts. He is gifted with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge being shared with him by the representatives of these spiritually advance civilizations. To be honest, most people are not open-minded enough to grasp the fact of this reality and the far-reaching information and implications that come with such a high-level contactee like Luis.

In the beginning of my time with him, I grilled him with my incessant questions like a criminal suspect under the hot lights in an interrogation. This was not because I doubted him. Rather, it was to learn from him the details of his many extraordinary experiences. His patience and kindness with me was and is infinite. He shares his information without sensationalism or hype and he does not comment at all on the world’s political processes and the oligarchs’ silence and control network that denies the truth with the public of their knowledge of extra-terrestrial visitations and their benevolent motives.

I have realized the guides and masters have blessed me to be able to learn how to embody the spirit of truth and brotherly love by spending time with my dear friend. I myself am a contactee of the Venusians and Pleiadians; but despite my own physical contacts, my hunger for truth was and still is incessant. However, before I met Luis and another contactee, Raymond Keller, who is almost identical in character to Luis assuaged my need for understanding. My thirst was quite intense in an intellectually obsessive way. My hunger and desire to know is still strong, but more tempered now thanks to both of these friends.

Through my association with contactees such as Dr. Frank Stranges, Dr. Raymond Keller, Dr. Fred Bell and now Luis, I am beginning to finally embody in my relations a calmer more patient version of myself. My love for truth is being translated into actions, and not just to know truth but to actually feel and embody it in my life. I am becoming more in-the-present moment in my day-to- day experiences because of my time with Luis. To put it simply, I am growing in my observation and understanding of my own feelings and realizing that not all questions need answers nor are the answers required to develop and mature in a spiritual way.

Luis and I often exchange knowing glances that communicate a deeper meaning beyond the translation challenges. Luis’ emphasis is on individual spiritual gnosis and personal transformation. Luis’ determined and ever-constant patience is an example for me to live the Spanish word “calma” in my life. Our sense of humor is spontaneous and a source of joy for me.

Please realize that Luis has prepared for lifetimes to be able to act as a teacher and to hold the space for groups of people to be able to interact with the members of the Cosmic Family or “guides,” as he calls them. The space people show up in their spaceships to confirm for those who want a physical experience that they are real and they are working intimately with Luis. When the excitement of seeing a spaceship wears off, one is left with many questions.

In the case of Luis’ groups seeing many spaceships in one night is not an uncommon phenomenon in his “Programmed Contacts.” These are literally appointments for contact; and I know from all my experiences with Luis that the spaceships and the masters are real as they show up repeatedly to our group excursions. Now many other people are realizing there is a purpose to them showing themselves and their craft to us.

You cannot just join one of his journeys like a tourist buying a ticket to an amusement park who leaves thinking, “Well, that was great!” You will definitely be inspired to seek and learn more as your curiosity will cause you to ponder your experiences and seek for more information. Most of Luis participants are guided and are usually well on their way to understanding deeper truths.

The beings inside the Earth who also have spaceships are now being more open in their interaction with humanity as part of a divine plan to welcome humanity to the next phase in a New Age or dispensation on planet Earth. Meet Luis Maertens, who is certainly an ambassador who shares the love and wisdom he has garnered from his interdimensional journeys to Venus and Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede.

Luis has also physically visited several of the Inner Earth Retreats, now collectively called the “New Great Shambala.” These visits include going inside to the Abbey of the Seven Rays and the Temple of Purity.” These experiences with multiple, highly-evolved spiritual beings that live beneath the Earth’s surface make him uniquely qualified to translate to the average person the teachings about complex changes the Earth is undergoing at this time. For those people who remain unaware of such things and what the transformation of the Earth means for all of humankind, Luis is our well-chosen representative who shares freely the message of love and the promise of hope.

The Space Family and the interior civilizations with their Inner Earth government are known as the Galactic Federation of Light and the Great White Brotherhood, respectively. They work together and those from the New Great Shambala are descendants of the survivors of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Galactic Federation of Light is always nearby, in proximity to an Inner Earth community as a support network; and they come from throughout our galaxy and even beyond in their service to God’s plan.

Luis has ministers to gatherings all over the world and also on his property on the shores of Lake Titicaca. On Luis’ journeys you can meet energetically and sometimes physically these hallowed servers of God’s divine plan. It is at these special meetings and journeys with Luis that many people from all over the world experience the subtle light body activations. The Guides of the Sky and the Great White Brotherhood give these energetic upgrades to those who wish to expand their capacity to invoke the light.

I myself agree with the many other people who have joined him on his journeys and workshops and say that Luis’ teachings provide profound vibrational “tune-ups.” His friends and mentors from other worlds and inside our Earth certainly can project certain frequencies into our bodies. Whether this is done with the aid of an advanced technology or just by their spiritual powers of love matters not.

I know from my own experience in the attempt to aid in the healing and harmonizing of those who join Luis’ groups, that the angelic forces of light are successful. What happens with Luis groups is that he takes people on an interior journey that is really a type of class in spiritual development. Through guided meditations and relaxation exercises, he opens up a receptivity in his guests that allows the energies to definitely be felt.

Luis has been invited to the hidden and sacred inner retreats of the New Great Shambala in Peru and Bolivia on at least three separate occasions. These are special and enlightening journeys and are only offered to a few exceptional individuals at this point in time. I have read his telling of these magical trips to meet with the interdimensional beings in his earlier books. He has spoken more intimate details with me as well. I feel from his valiant heart that this is just the beginning of new opportunities for the people of Earth to seek and to love and to prepare for that one day when we might also be able to benefit from our experiences with these wonderful guides.

Now I invite you to relax your mind and open your heart as you read and learn about this one very special journey to visit the power places blessed by the Archangel Michael. In this book, Luis narrates the details of this excursion throughout Europe to the various sacred sites and portals. The special power spots where Luis’ team was guided were in need of activation, with the ground crew present, to anchor and stabilize into the psionic light grid the activations given to our Sacred Mother through our benevolent interdimensional mentors. The Dragon Seal story is an enthralling tome that allows the reader to sit next to one of the true mystics, visionaries and physical contactees of our present era, as he leads his team on an incredible journey.

This divinely-guided group experience on the Dragon Seal journey is full of synchronicities and telepathic communications that underscore the guidance received. Surely, this will inspire the readers and seekers and beckon you inward at every turn. We are encouraged here to prepare ourselves and to work with the angels to usher in this inevitable New Age of prosperity and peace.

The masters, Space Family and even Archangel Michael are present in the book to confirm God’s love to the faithful and to encourage us all to study and to research in our most secret and sacred spaces within ourselves. If we do so with pure intent, we can follow in the footsteps of Luis and many others and realize our own divine self and fulfill God’s plan on earth.

I know you will enjoy this incredible book as much as I have and I hope that like me you are inspired to have your own experience. Be always at the ready to hear the soft whispers of Spirit on the gentle evening breezes and then follow her call as you sojourn through this beautiful life into the ever-expanding heart and infinite mind of God.

To All Seekers of Light and Truth,

Rob Potter

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I am very glad I just found you on Michael Jaco video. The information you bring are so amazing. I always through that we all came from somewhere outside this planet and that I was living here as part of a bigger plan to raise human consciouness. I spend my life with the same question you had, and always new I lived before. Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green once told me that I was on active search for God’s Truth for the last 7000 years. I had quite prophetic dreams as a child of flying , demons and sorcerers, and 3 timed dreamed of 9/11 around 7 years old. And when it happened, a day earlier I was coming back to Berkeley, Ca., where I lived for 21 years. I look forward to discover more your site and possible visit Mount Shasta with you in the future. Now I live in Montréal and will be very Happy to resume search and travelling for the great mystery that is our lives… thank you very much for who you are. LOVE TO YOU

Thank you for your kind words of support!

Robert Potter, I find your information very interesting. This Christmas Eve as I was listening to Michael Jaco while relaxing on my bed, I ended up in a trans that has happened a number of times in my life! This time I knew I was not asleep and that I was awake. Many times in my past I have forced myself to wake-up. The other times I was at the wheel but had no control. This time I was laying in the back of the vehicle trying to see who was driving the vehicle so very fast. I saw the side view of John F. Kennedy, Jr., present day age. Robert Potter, the Friday before 9/11, I woke-up from a from a dream of the first airplane hitting one of the Twin Towers. I sometimes wonder what purpose my life exists; why GOD would let me dream a event before it even happened! My tongue has brought about many blessings from GOD; however, it has also brought about some bad things in my life. When I found out I was the largest Driving School in Texas in the year of 1995, I in my stupid shock, started to telling my students during actual driving lessons, how could that be true since I do things wrong like blending 3 classes in one so I could be teaching 105 students at once instead of just 35. I had such a passion for my students to be taught properly to save their lives. Well there was a lady who opened-up driving schools on each city beside the city I was in. Her husband was the Chief-of-Police in the city my school was in. They kept tapping my phones and sending teens with recorders in my vehicle. I hate to admit it but I was nothing near the quality of the person that President Trump is! I am not a perfect individual; however, I never touched my student with my hand that the indictment accused me if. My horrible attorney turned on me when I told him I would not give him an additional $15,000, since we had agreed on the $15,00 amount. In 1997, Robert Cady, told me that if I did not agree to say I touched my student with my hand, he would see to it that I went down the river for 20 years instead of the pre-arranged flee bargain he had already made with Judge Gary Stephensor Stevens. In the Grand Jury Investigation, the student changed his story 3 times with his final story admitting that I never touched him; yet, the indictment says I touched him with my hand [indecent touch by contact]. At that time when I was booked into jail 11/2012 and prison in in 05/2013, indictment stated he was under the age of 14. One has to be 15 to even enroll into driver’s education. The indictment showed I was born in 1969. I was born in 1949; that did not get changed until 11/2012. I left this country when I saw they were going to put my back in jail every few years without a viable reason. I lived in Mexico almost 10 years until my roommate who knew my story, had me deported since I would not let him control what little money I had to live on. Robert, why is our legal system so corrupt? It seems all the lawyers and judges of Dallas and probably the USA, they are all so corrupt. I had my driving school 19 years at that time. I had taught about 500 teens each year and my school was grossing $450,000 each year than this one charge that I did no do, changed my life. After the May 13th. 2013, judgment date to go to prison, an angel about 7 feet tall appeared in my cell. He did not say a word; however, I knew it was to let me know it was the day I would be going to prison. It gave me confidence; it let me know GOD would be with me during the time I was in prison. I have 10 months to go on parole. I question why my whole life had to be changed like the way it was? I am a sinner saved by grace; however, I feel what happened to me should have never happened! Robert, why do you think bad things like this happen to people like me? In 1997, the police officer who booked me into Dallas County Jail, said to me … “oh, I see you have been in trouble with the law before” … to which I said no. Then he quoted my full name and date of birth and said is this not you? He then said in 1972 my records says you were going 10 miles over the speed limit on Elam Road of which I admitted to him that was me, then we both laughed! However, I am not laughing now and totally do not understand why my life had to take the path it did? With your wisdom, could you enlighten me. I do totally believe in GOD but I do not like the answer pastors give me which is so I could encourage others in Prison. I was 46 when this happened; I am now 71. I feel like I lost so many years needlessly! I still love America! I just wish the legal system was not so flawes! May our GOD richly bless you in all your endeavors!

You have been protected for a reason and your sacrifice and grace with which you handled this will reap you great rewards. there are many such targeted individuals who have a difficult course in life. The large angel reminds of Dr Frank Stanges encounter many years ago when an Angel appeared protecting him from a burglar when he was working as a secret service agent.
The Villian was in shock and his murder attempt foiled he ended up dying in an insane asylum some months after his arrest. Heb 31:2 be aware let ye entertain angels unaware. They are here and forever attend us. The veil to higher reals of light are disappearing for those who have eyes to see and hears to hear.
thank you for your testimony.

You have persevered in your life we are nearing a new dispensation on earth. Many changes will take place we are going to be lifted into a new reality of the fourth dimension. Despite the horrible things that are taking place many are waking up to the truth and to the christ within.
May god light support you

Dear Cecil,
I a so sorry it took me so long to reply to this I never check this at all I should try to respond more now i know. I hope you got your parole and you are better now? give me a call at 530-925-3502 I some words that may help you understand more. You were targeted and a martyr of the system God and his angels are now dismantling the system.
God Bless you

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