Headgear Pyramid Copper

Headgear Pyramid Copper


The Promise Copper Head Gear is a simple powerful and natural way to relax and keep your energy high when worn on the head. It reduces fatigue and stress while acting as Faraday cage to protect your head from harmful 5G and EMF frequencies. Made to the exact dimensions as the Great Pyramid is  It also aids in detoxing the brain and helping us to attain the meditative state. It can be used to energize water and has many other uses. You can also use our lasers and Crystal in conjunction with all of our pyramids to enhance the charging of water. This will allow for photonically, crystal, pyramid charged water for some spectaculars results.

What is a Pyramid  ?

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
The Promise Pyramids all use metal frame made of steel or titanium. The Head Gear products are then plated with precious metals in a proprietary process using orgone technology.


Everyone who has seriously endeavored to wear the pyramid headgear for any length of time has had remarkable results in the reduction of fatigue and stress. These pyramids have also been proven to help the body reach the alpha or meditative state more easily. All pyramids balance the Chakras and therefore balance the endocrine glands and normalize hormonal secretions into the bloodstream. This perfect tool is an aid to meditation and spiritual development and healing.

All the Promise Head Gear Pyramids have gold in them. Golds molecular structure is Pyramid shaped; this mean the pyramid like all gold is exuding pyramid energy. This makes all of the pyramids omni directional so the Head Gear Does not need to be aligned to magnetic north to work. Obviously when aligned to magnetic north they function much better.

  • The Head Gear series is comprised of three basic types with different plating processes.
  • The Promise Gold has nickel and gold and is primarily a relaxing pyramid that aids in calming the body and helps to reduce headaches caused by hypertension. Gold resonates with the hypothalamus and the hormones it stimulates enhances balancing energies and calms the emotional body-mind. Gold is considered magnetic and associated with the Sun or masculine energy.
  • The Promise Copper has nickel gold and copper. Copper has a molecular structure of two pyramids with the points touching. If you were to look at it you would see the familiar Black Widow spider shape or something like an X shaped hourglass. Copper also has a drawing effect that purifies the blood. This can be noted with all copper jewelry worn on the skin as it has a blue residue that indicates its purifying process is working. Copper furthermore resonates with the adrenal gland and thus naturally stimulates a gentle adrenaline increase to provide and slight physical increase in energy. This combined with the gold not only relaxes the emotional body-mind but provides more physical stamina.
  • The Promise Silver has all of the metals mentioned previously nickel, gold, copper as well as silver. Silver is considered electric and associated with the Moon and feminine energy. Silver resonates with the Pineal gland and has and stimulating effect towards balancing the mental energies of the brain. The pineal gland is also where serotonin is produced and serotonin levels are very important to control mood swings and psychic sensitivity. So, the Promise Silver not only calms the emotional body-mind and provides a gentle physical boost, it also acts to keep one mentally alert and balanced.
  • The Vitamid is a utilitarian pyramid that functions just like a Promise Gold pyramid but it is larger so it can charge larger items. Water is highly recommended to be charged under the Vitamid. You can then use in all applications for watering plants add to your coffee, tea, and of course cooking with the Pyramid charged water. You can decant wine under a Vitamid and it will alkalinize the wine, by adding electrons to the acidic taste and thus age your wine in a matter of minutes. Grapefruit juice lime and lemon juice will likewise taste sweeter. Jewelry can be placed underneath a Vitamid to cleanse the gemstones as well. We also suggest your wash your jewelry in pyramid water and place them along with crystals under the moonlight and sunlight to reinvigorate their inherent properties. The use and applications are many.
One of the amazing features of Pyramids is the negative ion effect. This is the special aspect of the pyramids’ sub-atomic transduction of the Anu or ultimate physical atom that provides prana or life force. The Pyra=Fire Mid=Middle or Fire in the Middle as I am want to call it is what helps the physiological structure of body to balance itself when influenced by pyramid energy.


Though negative ions are not registered under a pyramid with traditional measuring electronic devices the Anu or prana-chi-orgone-qi force is none the less the same. This life force is what gives all beings life through the ferrous and ferric exchange of the respiratory process.

Therefore, all the Promise Pyramid Systems increase vitality and enhance longevity. Pyramids super charge your body with lifeforce in fact pyramid energy is good for plants animals and can be used in many ways. Animals love pyramid charged water and is a great way to keep them healthy.

I hope you will enjoy your Promise Pyramids in all the applications suggested and other way you deem appropriate.