Inner Circle Membership

Inner Circle Membership


Dear Promise Family,

To Launch my new site I am offering $35 for Membership for the Inner Circle for Life until Jan. 30th, 2021.  After this date, the price will go up. Be aware because of a recent hack `the inner circle page will not be able to be logged into until Jan 15th. However, with your purchase, you will receive my book all of the recordings from the Venusians as well as the link to a special archive of data.

There will be a fully functioning accessible treasure trove of Inner Circle information that you will be able to access by Jan 15th. It will take some time to put up all the data available. Thank you for your patience.

The Promise Inner Circle is an opportunity for you to become more intimately associated with my work and the Plan of Redemption and Planetary Liberation. You will receive many benefits by joining this circle that will not only include special promotion codes for discounts on products but also you will receive access to information of a more refined spiritual nature not generally released to the public. I have been instructed by a potent spiritual source to prepare for a release of detailed instructions that are designed to aid people in achieving spiritual alignment and a process to connect with their life’s true purpose.

Dr. Frank Stranges one of my mentors and one of the world’s greatest contactees of modern times has left a legacy I am guided to share with the world. He had an inner circle membership and instructed all of its members through the years to create their own inner circle groups. I am now following his instruction and I invite you to join me on this journey.

This Inner Circle journey has yet to unfold but will include a higher caliber level of insight and information that is no secret per se but is geared towards a more refined and discerning spiritual palette.

Victory to the Light

Rob Potter