Promise Pyramid Systems Owners Manual

Dear Promise Pyramid Systems Owner,

I am very happy you have purchased part of a Promise Pyramid System and I would like to thank you very much for your purchase.

I will always be available to you to discuss your purchase or to educate you on how to use it. Furthermore, I will ask you to read carefully the instructions on how to care for this system.

There are many parts to this system and it is not that complicated really. However, there are advanced plasma physics involved in the system’s functions. You do not have to understand physics but a general idea and knowledge and understanding of how the systems work is important to know how to use them efficiently. My Youtube channel has Pyramid Systems Tutorials for you to see these wonderful systems in action. There are many amazing videos here please enjoy a little at a time! This link is formatted weird but it works?  YouTube Pyramid Tutorials 

It is important for you to understand these concepts in order to utilize them to the best benefit. I will strongly urge you to purchase Dr. Fred Bell’s masterpiece of high metaphysics and the Pleiadean technology it is called The Rays Of Truth and Crystals of Light. This book can be found on Amazon if it is out of stock on my website this will be your guide to all Promise Pyramid Systems technology.

Proper Care of The Pyramids
All Promise Pyramids either individually or in the Systems are made with precious metals in a proprietary plating process that gives the pyramids an Orgone effect.

The final metal used in the plating process is gold, copper, or silver. Because these are plated over time the look of the plating will degrade due to oxygen. In order to keep your system looking shiny and new, you must polish every pyramid.

I realize if you have purchased an entire system this can be a time-consuming task. I know because I myself have done it many times. Please know that the Pyramids and the systems will do the function for which they were made regardless of the systems “Shiny like new Look”.

The overall rate of the freshly coated metal degrading will be determined by how much moisture the pyramids are exposed to. If you live near the seashore and salt spray comes inside they could even rust.

However, fog or is not a problem so much unless the windows are kept open all of the time. The solution is to keep your pyramids dry and certainly salt-free. If they are exposed to salt or moisture just dry them off and close the door or window.

The Promise Head Gear Pyramids made of copper will begin to tarnish a bit after 3-4 months unless you polish them with a good metal polish.

The silver pyramids will not tarnish so quickly more like 8 months to 1½ years. Even then after a year, it will not be so bad. You can determine on your own when you want to polish it if at all.

The gold pyramids will generally be looking good for an even longer period of time. However, because they are plated I will recommend you polish them once every year regardless of the environment.

The Systems
The Promise Pyramid Systems are fairly sturdy but they should not be misused. Please be extremely careful when taking them out of the shipping box and inspect them immediately.

The Wires
Many of the system’s components have steel wire to give the pyramids structural integrity. On certain devices, the steel wires play a different more important role and are integral to the product’s function.

The Tesla Coil
The tesla coil is a slightly modified device base on Nicola Tesla’s Design. This is a floating ground feature that is proprietary. The Tesla Coil should not be opened at any time. Any device opened will void the one-year warranty on this product.

This device is electrical in nature and complies with all safety standards. The basic technology for this unit is an air purification device known around the world by many names. This Promise Tesla Coil has a specific schematic electrical design that has been added to this company’s design for special frequency adaptation purposes. These devices are tested for several weeks running constantly and are sturdy and should function properly when following these instructions.

Tesla Coil Function
However, because we are purposely creating plasma and scalar fields and using the pyramids themselves as giant ion generators they are “live” so to speak. As you realize we are amplifying thought forms by the use of crystals.

This was explained to you before your purchase so if you are unclear please call. You can reach me or your sales representative to get the answers you should know. Please be sure you know how to use this device before you turn it on.

Tesla Coil Components
The Tesla Coil has a plug and an off switch on the plug. This makes the use of the Tesla Power supply very simple. The Tesla coil also has 2 insulated wires coming from the box.

These wires alone or when connected from one device to another have a 30-40KV output that is quite strong. This device is a high voltage with very low amperage. This means it cannot hurt you but it can give you a small shock. The shock is very much like the shock you get when running and sliding on the carpet when you were a kid.

The shock from the Tesla Coil wire itself or the pyramids it is connected to is actually stronger than the shock coming from running on the carpet and touching someone but it is similar but is not really harmful at all.

We do not recommend anyone with a pacemaker to be involved in the installation or close enough to the pyramids or wire to get shocked. There has never been an instance where this Tesla Coil design has ever harmed anyone in any way.

Safety & Common Sense
I am re-releasing this technology now and I want to be sure this is done with caution and properly with a commitment towards everyone’s safety being our priority. We ask you to treat The Tesla coil sensibly. For example, you have a toaster that you would not want to stick your hand inside the toaster when it is plugged in and turned on. Please use common sense when using the Tesla Coil in your home.

Who can use the Tesla Coil?
As I said anyone could use or experience the Tesla Power Supply with the pyramid system or any other component designed for this. This includes The Promise Ion Shower and the Firestar or Midi Firestar.

Other products or components like the Star Orb, Devastar, or Omnion should NOT be the Tesla Coil Power Supply. They are needed for their own separate function and attaching or adding them with Tesla wired in series to the Tesla Coil will degrade your system.

Children & Pets
Children or pets should not be around the Tesla Coil or Pyramids when the Tesla Coil is turned on. If the Tesla coil is turned on and a small child or pet gets too close they may get a small shock.

Not Dangerous
I have said repeatedly this is not dangerous but the shock could frighten a smaller child. More likely a pet could be excited even bolt. The real issue is that if someone or a pet moves in reaction they could knock over the system.

Your Tesla Coil Wires & How to Attach Them
Your Telsa Coil Power supply is a simple box that has to 100 KV rated wire that is carrying a 40 KV load. It is covered by a neoprene rubber for added safety.

The wires are about 10-15 feet long unless they are custom made. At the end of the insulated wire, the insulation is affixed with an alligator clip. You may also choose to strip away the covering by about 3-4 inches when using custom lengths. This wire is braided and is to be wrapped around somewhere on the component being accelerated by the Tesla Coil.

To reach another component in series requires another specially made insulated braided wire. This wire is exposed bare and stripped of insulation for the last 3-4 inches. With two ends of the stripped wire, one wire is connected to the first pyramid that is connected directly to the Tesla Coil itself.

Rules: Attaching The Specially Made Wire
The Tesla Coil and the Pyramid chosen component that it is attached to both must be at least 24 inches away from anything made of metal. The reason being that if the system becomes activated the metal from the pyramid will arc to a metal drape rod or something else like a bed frame.

If this arc continues for a period of time it will damage the Tesla Coil. When this happens it is very obvious because there will be a noticeable snapping sound coming from the power supply.

When the Power supply Is first turned on you will often hear a crackling sound or a type of hiss. This is normal to a certain extent until the room is fully charged with negative ions.

However, if this hissing sound is extremely loud or you get a shock by touching any part of the wire turn off the machine. There should never be a snapping or a crackling along the length of the tesla power supply wire of any type.

Turn off the Power supply immediately and check to be sure it is at least 24 inches away from any metal. Please call us if for any reason you are unsure. The tesla coils are expensive and will not cover our one-year warranty if it has been used improperly.

It is important before you turn on your Tesla Coil Power Supply that is insulated by a plastic plate. We also require and warn you that you must place the Tesla Coil itself on a plastic plate to insulate it from the ground.

When using the Tesla Coil Power supply with the Ion Shower, Midi Firestar or Large Firestar these devices must be hanging from the ceiling or wire by a nonconductive source. We supply fishing lines which will work again we suggest 24 inches from any metal like light fixtures or fans etc. that contain metal.

I am always available to guide you through your installation process and can actually do a white glove installation that includes tutoring on the proper use of the Promise Pyramid System.

Warm Regards
Rob Potter
[email protected]




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