Promise Systems Synopsis

Dear Friends,

Here is a brief synopsis of the New Promise Pyramid System.
Here is some information about the healing chamber technology. I will be happy to give you all a brief overview of This Pleiadean Pyramid technology that was shared by Semjase to DR. Fred Bell and myself in the 1970s.

Semjase’s Space ship was sighted frequently in those days as the information was downloaded to Fred and me. She also was present physically on several occasions to impart to us gems of wisdom. Dr. Bell had many contacts and was even taken to the Planet Erra in the Pleiades. He had many meetings in Laguna Beach and I was present on several occasions.

First, this technology is very advanced and quite powerful, as you will soon find out if you come to any of my  Shasta Summer Conferences or attend one of my many workshops.

This system was given to the people of earth as a form of divine intervention. From my experiences, these devices amplify thought forms and accelerate manifestation into reality quicker and more powerfully anything that is well-intended and in harmony with universal law. These systems accelerate the manifestation process by increasing the quantum potential.

When utilized in a proper way by lightworkers with pure and focussed intent the forces for good are amplified 1000 fold. How this happens is quite complex and there are many things that must be explained for you all to understand how this technology works.

I cannot give all of the information in this short introduction but I will give you a working concept to ponder and to excite you to the possibilities of this healing/manifestation chamber.

The main idea is that if any number of lightworkers can use this technology in an organized way. If they follow certain instructions with focused and pure intent it will be blessed and this will yield results. people were manifesting. This is one aspect of this system to help us create heaven on earth. The other aspect of this technology is that it creates a portal or vortex of the violet flame which will purify and raise the vibrations of all those within its field of influence.

The balanced energy of The Pyramid system when used with Crystals, Lasers, Tesla Coil Power Supply, Light, Color, and Sound will, through Scalar waves affect the subtle bodies and create healing that can affect individuals and the planet herself.

I am sure those who come to the conferences will feel this as increased sensitivity to the etheric light body. I will explain the details of this process at future conferences. Please realize there are many different parts of this system and these parts all have different functions. The main thing for you to know is all the parts are good and healing for the human consciousness field.

What makes these systems unique is that there is an interaction between the technology and the user. That means the more advanced the person is in the management of their thoughts and the subtle currents within their body the better the results. These systems work in conjunction with higher Consciousness.

These devices are to be used as a training tool for people to develop their psychic abilities for telepathy and connection to the earth elements and to all lifestreams. Including contact with our space family. They are drawn to these systems and will interact in demonstrable ways

How this works is probably best understood by looking at the diagrams and the pictures on this website and the images of the products themselves. You will see the Vortex of the system and the different designs that create the plasma-healing field.

The different designs are using the pyramid which itself acts as an inter-dimensional portal. When used with all of the components these systems are very powerful indeed.So please look at the images provided to help you visualize in your mind’s eye what you will soon see live at the conferences. I hope you will forgive me for not explaining this entire description to you, as realistically it cannot be done.

It has taken me years of experience to be able to share this with the world. But the good news is you can actually feel the life force plasma when the system is turned on immediately. The results are the feelings of strength health happiness and harmony. In fact, these systems are also beautiful to look at and create a very powerful Living Vortex of Lighted love. A type Fueng Shei to enhance the environment in the home or anywhere these systems are installed.

Rob Potter
[email protected]

The Various Systems Components & Their Functions

1) The Star Shield Orb / Devastar Sheild Orb This device dampens harmful electric currents and magnetic influences that interfere with and damage the human biochemical, nerve, and cellular activities and functions. There are carrier waves associated with our electrical grids. These carrier waves have disruptive Mind Kontrol frequencies that originate either at the stations themselves or somewhere down the line.

These negative techs are used by certain forces to piggyback the systems of the delivery of electricity throughout the world. The Star Orb, The Devastar, The Receptor, and The Andromedean Holographic Projector all drastically reduce the effects of these deleterious technologies on human consciousness.

2) Many Crystals provide a driving frequency to bathe the body in light and when stimulated by the laser. Because Crystals have consciousness they interact with the human thoughts to amplify or mental powers. Semjase said, “The Quartz is the perfect synthesis in spirit and matter in Zero time”. The crystals are part of the mineral kingdom and are recorders of information that can be accessed to translate cosmic rays into specific frequencies. These are attenuated to sound and color charts when properly used.

3) The Midi Firestar is used to replenish the body aura and to strengthen the chakras very quickly it acts a spring and like an umbrella sheds light and healing to all under its protective influence. It is also used to transmit thoughts and can help develop telepathy.

4) The Omnion acts as a transducer regulating the energies of the system with the moon cycles and connecting the entire system with the grid pathway of the entire earth. In this respect, it acts as a capacitor in harmony for maximum power building the effect over the entire moon cycle or even several cycles for alchemical transmutation or healing mentally or to be projected to the reality around us.

The movement of the Omnion is like the movement of the ceilings in the Kings and Queens chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza – Cheops. In The Great Pyramid, there was another technology that was able to combine natural and man-made forces into a non-harmful wireless system. This system was in harmony with the body and did not destroy or damage or act to entrain biological and subtle plasma energetic bodies and their attendant pathways.

5) The Irradiator is a scalar device that directs the energy and scalar waves into the body and the universe to accelerate the portal and to make the human interaction readily available. The Irradiators when combined with the Mega Orb are used as the main source and the transmission station for creating the artificial portal. This source of the plasma field is not only the gold pyramid design. The Crystals are also very important. The Tesla Coil makes the Promise Pyramid System extremely powerful.

A Scalar Wave is a non-Hertzian waveform that carries information/energy into and beyond the time-space continuum. This scalar wave is increased 1000 fold by the tesla coil and can transmit information through time and space. The information when vectored properly can when working in interaction with human consciousness influence the quantum field towards attunement to universal law.

The Portal that these systems create is truly interactive so the person or people using it will achieve results based on their level of collective consciousness. I teach an intimate knowledge of this system and how to use it. This is the heart of the system and I will go into more detail at conferences.
6) The Tesla Power Supply is the engine and it really makes the system possible. It is the violet flame of purification and increases the power of the system 1000 times. This tesla device has a proprietary schematic added to achieve the desired results.

7) The Ion Shower is connected to the Tesla coils, as are the Midi Firestar and the Irradiator. When used separately or together the healing energy is palpable from all of these devices. The Ion shower is very quick and easy to use. It can be installed over a chair and can provide a refreshing “Plasma Bath”

8) The Lasers provide light and color, which has a profound effect on the physical and emotional bodies. The physical bodies are influenced through the chakras to release healing hormones and give the body feelings of bliss and strength, healing, and happiness. The emotional body is soothed and calmed by the frequency of the 7 Rays and the colors are beautiful and innately and naturally.

9) Sound and Music are to be used with this system to effect relaxation through vibrational resonance and to calm and soothe the emotional body and provide inspiration to the mental nature.

10) The Receptor is a personal Jewelry piece with various gemstones and is used as a battery to keep the aura or human biofield strong and at full capacity. It acts like a battery to strengthen the aura and increase its field by at least double.

11) The Andromedean Holographic Projector is also a personal jewelry device given to heal the individual timelines to help discharge the energy of the body’s aura into the quantum field.

Both these jewelry devices will take some time to explain and I do so in my conferences or in private due to the advanced physics utilized in the technology. The use of various metals and gemstones are used to give specific frequencies to the individual and these gemstones will differ with each person. We will test you at the show to pick your own personal jewelry device.

I hope this will help you all to become excited to share with others the high level of spiritual and scientific information that will be shared with the lightworkers at our conference.

Thank you all for your support with all of this. We are a team working for the light. I will do my best to encourage others to join us at the conference.
With Love and
Warm Regards
Rob Potter

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