Resistance Is Not Futile Evidence of The Power of Love

BY Rob Potter

Dear Promise Friends,

I am heartened by the power of the people who are awake and aware of the calamity that may befall humanity by OUR OWN inaction, laziness, indolence, or even fear. You will see below a series of links to youtube that show people in England, Sweden, and Denmark who are BRAVELY TAKING ACTION challenging the criminals in their governments. IN DENMARK THEY HAVE WON &v THE INTENDED NWO LAWS HAVE BEEN RESCINDED. 

Make no mistake this is a time RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW where people as individuals and collectively will choose the easy path or the hard path. The hard path is the straight and narrow path toward the whole truth no matter what the cost.

The easy path looks easy but like all else promulgated by traitors to humanity and corrupt individuals in positions of power the path engineered by the conspirators leads to a program of the enslavement of humanity.

This evil and sick agenda will if followed lead to much suffering and death for many people. Realize this is really an extremely well-planned scheme born of over 40 years of lies and deceit. The evil ones have gained control of the information people consume every day.

This clever subtle electronic entrainment fence and mind control technology limits people’s power to discern the truth and causes confusion and chaos. This technology was created from us we the people’s hard-earned sweat equity and stolen through taxes and completely corrupted fiat currency fractional banking financial system. Please see my previous post here on my website, The Phoenix Journals, and actually read the book!

These secret programs have only been intended to benefit a few insanely arrogant and corrupt narcissists since their inception.  A house divided cannot stand and so if you are frozen in indecision within yourself because you look ONLY outside yourself for the truth they have won the battle. You must enter into the silence and commune with your inner self, your higher mind your Christ IAM presence, and listen if you can to the sweet songs of truth within yourself.

If you can find the WHOLE TRUTH BY SINCERE INVESTIGATION AND STUDY AND LISTEN WITH YOUR THIRD EAR AND TRY TO SEE WITH YOUR THIRD EYE you may slip past the PROGRAM of domination and the subjugation of your freedoms, liberties, and any vestiges of justice we now have. These freedoms are becoming fewer through deliberate manipulation and the installation into your thought process the fear needed to control you. This is done by their puppets in very sophisticated psychological operations to herd well-meaning innocent people into and into an ambush of a very sinister transhumanist agenda.

This intended parasitic intention of usury and control of the very LIFE CODES of creation we call the DNA is simply about control. Realize that the scrum of the bottom of the barrel (for the most part) has risen to the top of the barrel to positions of power. At the very top of the control, matrix are these pathetic oligarchs, criminals, sociopaths, and yes even mass murderers who intimately manufacture wars for profit and gain.

These Satanists are fueled by greed, a lust for power, and totally vested in this world take over. This is actually to their own demise their souls are lost and they will realize too late that the plans they have and are laying are actually going to end their own existence in certain cases. The law of the universe is inviolable though some may get away with trying for even thousands of years. 

Unfortunately, free will in some instances historically speaking must allow for the complete and total annihilation of an entire planet as sometimes the ignorance hate and bigotry anger and other lower forms of consciousness lead people to unleash nuclear war on each other thus destroying themselves. Ignorance knows no limitations so must through knowledge sentence ignorance to death.

I want to make this point absolute and crystal clear so please understand not all who work for the government or are part of the chain of “command” or just “following orders are completely aware of the part they play in this plans of human genocide to “save the planet”.

Many of the police, militarists, political leaders, bankers, lawyers, scientists, doctors engineers, and bureaucrats are in most cases just ignorant. They have not been independent thinkers. They sometimes believe or are programmed that the world is as it is and people would not scheme and lies and cause harm to others. This is because they are good sincere hardworking people. Though their innocence in a broader sense is real they do not think far enough ahead or question the ramification of the collective actions of their jobs or government agency they serve has on society, the earth, or their fellow man.

These are for various reasons sometimes they are simply duped and believe in the stated “PLAN” and the rhetoric to accomplish some idealistic goal. “We may sacrifice some freedoms but it is for the greater good and survival of all!” are rallying cries of the scheming conspirators who lead some astray. Others may be used and bribed into knowingly of their own free will be lured into criminal actions that may benefit them financially. Thus greed plays a role in their complicity to achieve a step in the plan of the destruction of humanity. The reason that being on the inside of criminal drug running by powerful personages is only taking their share of the pie. They do not see what this money is used for.

Others are blackmailed by honey traps set up to record people at their weakest moments to do unspeakable things to others. Sometimes sex or some other indiscretion that is faced honestly and honestly and sincerely would be a better outcome for those who accept to be controlled by evils minions. However, their selfish realization of the shame they would face as in the instance of a government official recorded in the rape of a small child would be life-ruining. 

Thus the easy path is more desirable for these weak and scared lost souls. Still awakened individuals who unite under the truth of knowledge and their own critical thinking are a force to be reckoned with. It is these wonderful powerful souls that make up the majority of humanity we are courageous and we see what is at stake and we act. It is normal that we would not want violence or confrontation as we have been trained in the results of those who speak out against tyranny and injustice. But to remain timid through a desire to save yourself is no better than the criminal rapist who takes the easy path in the long run.

We must hold with all of our might to the principals of the founding fathers of the USA and many other great leaders throughout history who have promoted the natural laws of the universe and our guiding principles despite our aversion to conflict. The constitution was a divinely inspired document meant to lead humanity into a harmonious and beautiful way of life. 

The wonderful Thomas Jefferson stated that “The Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.” This resolution and resolve were held by many the people had enough of the scheming and control of the Kings and the bureaucracy that upheld the enslavement of America’s peoples and declared war by refusing the abomination these pathetic rulers instigated. 

Times have changed we have awakened to the deceit and realize that on a larger broader playing field it’s all a manipulation. The simple arising with militias and demonstrations of violence only makes us a target and causes chaos and the destruction of society. We cannot overcome the might and the technology of such a now evolved highly technologically advanced higher force. 

The powers that were have evolved and their weapons are now to have you step into your own prison to on your own to die to willing accept tyranny fed as the only way to “Survive THE PANDEMIC”. The technology of brute force is available and can wreak death and destruction from hidden quarters and lairs. 

Through propaganda, through intimidation, through the official govt. influence people are herded into the train cars to ‘isolate those who refuse to comply to stop the “Virus”.  Be aware you are being tracked on all levels beyond your imagination by technology (THANK YOU EDWARD SNOWDEN) and those who know what’s happening and speak about it will suddenly test positive and be taken away to camps for “healing” or re-education or organ harvesting (I am not joking here!)  or simple execution.

It has happened before and the amounts of money and infrastructure that is currently prepared are incredible and the number of criminals involved is staggering. You who cannot fathom such a deep state matrix that is multiplied hundreds of times all over the planet MUST WAKE UP! Stop ridiculing your brothers your sister your friends who are trying to help you to arise into sovereignty.

Like in Nazi Germany and just like the Nazi Fourth Reich Plans that have infiltrated America today your enslavement is planned to take place seamlessly quickly with you stepping into the death camp boxcar of your own volition by getting a Corona Virus Vaccination Identification Chip. Let us follow the example of our founding fathers and take the harder path to freedom and end the evil plans once and for all.

If you have any doubts about the depravity and these plans as I have loosely indicated please go to this website I was the leader of that has chronicled the steam roller and machinations of the 1% of bad guys.  Here, you will find 7 years of blog posts and information that will have you shudder. There are also positive posts to help you see the positive actions you can take to make your life better and to be part of worldwide change not in process. Of course, not every bit of information is exactly true or accurate but you will see a trend of an incredible amount of exposes to the happenings behind the smokescreen of FAKE NEWS that is run by the deep state criminals the world over.

The revolutionary idea that your mind is your own and you are a sovereign being is the intention behind every post. The knowledge goes deeper into the divine plan and the true history of our world and how we as a planet got to this position. Likewise, you can see here on my website all of my original contributions to this organization under this truth references blog in “Robs Contribution to Prepare For Change”.

Now I hope I have you gravely concerned and inspired to be part of the NON Violent revolution of having the freedom to maintain your god-given rights to have your own ideas and control of your body and to exercise your freewill. Lets do our own research and look at the good news of the Victory of The Light in the process now taking place in various parts of the world. Please be inspired by your freedom-loving patriots the world over. !

With Love 

Rob Potter


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   Setting the global stage going forward.  What wonderful people.  See the people of the world united here on YouTubes below.

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