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This is one of a few Retro Blog Posts from years ago enjoy.

                                                      Wisdom Nuggets From 2014

It has been some time since my last newsletter and I wanted to share some insights of a spiritual nature as well as the sharing of Products today. I have several changes planned for TPR including a more spiritually oriented series of offerings.

Despite the challenges of increased financial limitations projected on humanity by those who created these false systems of enslavement, there is more hope and awareness flooding in to explain what has been going on and who is responsible. Remain in a non-agitated vigil of purpose, full of resilience and compassion as dark agendas are exposed to the light of day. This is how we will heal our world and our fellow man to make way for more pronounced contacts within ourselves that buttress even greater revelations of truth.

We can rest assured that at some point changes will be initiated that will be powerful and allow a real disclosure process to begin for the entire world’s populace in regards to the political, financial, and societal infrastructures situations. The mainstream media will be gradually forced to acknowledge purposefully hidden truths that are soon going to be undeniable and clearly visible for all to see.

                                                                     The Coming Year 2015
We can expect to see an increased presence in our skies of benevolent space family who will continue their energetic manipulations within the quantum fields of lifestreams on our planet. The science and understanding of what exactly is taking place is complex and is affecting us on multi-dimensional levels.

We all cannot possibly fathom all of the details until the interplanetary cultural exchange is in full swing with space family representatives openly walking and talking amongst us are able to candidly share with us all of the details and the true history of their many operations rendering great service to heal our world.

We are ALWAYS responsible and must continue in our good works and faithful actions to right every wrong and to create alternative solutions to not only on our outer world interactions but within our own beings and how we interact with others as well.

Trying to have a sensitivity to the feelings of others when our own feelings have not all been reconciled is emotionally problematic. Experience talking let’s leave it at that lol. Forgive and love, forgive, and love. You can always move away from un harmonious elements in your choices on life’s path with a blessing of forgiveness for yourself and for them. Drop a mental love bomb with real feelings in heartfelt “Intention” and release it to the spirit.

As we grow in our etheric natures and actually know ourselves as luminous beings our increased awareness will translate into a positive experience. We will recognize others as kindred spirits essentially on the same path. This realized understanding of our familial status by an entire society, as part and parcel of the divine, is important. Simply because it ensures a peaceful and harmonious society natural growth in understanding of our divine natures is a reason to increase the light in our luminous natures.

A complete understanding of our divine natures and light bodies is always in an ever-increasing and expanding process of “Becoming”. Besides the intellectual map of physical descriptions, there are energetic realities that we cannot yet perceive easily.

The various forces that our lives represent are unfathomable and we as a 21st oppressed culture always have such a pre-programmed denial of the mystery of life. The ever-present “I know it all” attitude about everything that can embed into people’s minds can also be shaken loose.

We are shallow and glib even cavalier to the immensity of existence and power of truth. However, with genuine respect for nature through beauty worship and mental discipline, we could be victorious to watch the direction of our minds as we return all matter to its natural path towards the source through the truth in us. The awe and respect for the beauty and sacred power that eternity is will once again flourish in the hearts of the people of this world.

There are many different “explanations” of how we as physical mental and spiritual conscious entities exist and express ourselves in this glorious puddle of time and space. If we always come back to our perspectives as luminous soul lights temporarily taking up bodies in the physical realm, we will be better served. We are not able to remember this process of our eternal nature as souls yet however, this veil will one day be lifted as well.

One recommended source to glean an inkling of how the science and spiritual knowledge is to be merged to reveal the various paths or order in healing, the many disciplines of math and physics is a book. I know of information you may find interesting can be found in “The Keys of Enoch” a book by My dear friend and brother JJ Hurtak.

We can also expect continued artificially induced and applied psychic pressure on lightworkers. This will be acerbated through what remains of the now diminishing scalar field harassment technology in the hands of various hostile groups seeking to continue and expand their enslavement of humanity. This real electronic entrainment technology conjoined with advanced astral parasite attacks will continue to Sub Consciously place emotionally energetically disruptive barriers between people and especially lightworkers.

The results of this jamming of light bodies signals disrupt the DNA. In many cases, they are successful at causing physical and emotional distress. This is the major source of negative interpersonal relations that sadly destroy lives. We must choose to not react as hard as this is but it is part of our Dharma to transcend even these hostile environmental fields. Excuse me while I yell and shout “Bloody murder” at the Chemtrails in the sky.

Whew! I think I feel better but my anger is only resonating in my body and destroying my own harmony. Alas…. easier said than done. The lower forces dance with glee when they successfully divide positive intentions and disrupt the manifestation of light and truth alliances. Be ever vigilant forgive yourself and others that “they know not what “THEY” do”.

There will also be continued “False Flag” type events to herd the populace into accepting even more legalized oppression of liberty and free speech. There are still always dastardly plans for larger false flags situations to develop until they are arrested. However, I don’t have a clue what to look for next I do know the gloves are off and the messianic forces will see us through to victory.

I am here to declare the “Light of God Never Fails” and in due course, the heavenly hosts will assure our Victory of The Light. Despite the eventual complete transformation and liberation of our world through the revelation of the “Whole Truth” we must gird our loins for continued battles within each of us and in the real day to day world on a daily basis.

Our armor of unconditional love and forgiveness and intelligent non-violent and peaceful conflict solutions will hasten the day of “The Promise being Revealed” The return to truth consciousness through the curve of spiritual development is on our hands. As frustrating and as difficult to understand and support the postponement of “The Return” of our space family and the joy and sacred feelings that this reunion will bring, we must stay the course.

This process is actually more about a proper adjustment of our divine relationship to source than it is about “Taking down the bad guys” and retooling our planet “technologically” according to the natural laws of the creator.

This inner transformation will require ever greater and deeper understandings through a direct knowing on an intuitive soul level. The transformation of our faculties of direct knowing and communion with the divine mind of almighty God is paramount and we must naturally feel the calling. We must be willing to bravely step forth into the lighted realizations and actions that this growth reveals to us.
Each of us will have a unique view and perspective that must be honored. The infighting and trying to force our worldview or ideas on others only creates more tension. Be tolerant and respect that everyone has their own experiences and eventually things will become clearer to all.

The laws of allowance, allegiance, free will, and being non-judgmental must be practiced in real-time in all our relations. It is easy to talk about it and we are all in process of attaining this lofty goal of unconditional love. Believe me, I know I am extremely challenged every day to suppress the programmed reactions of impatience, anger, and frustration that I have taken into my lower personality vehicle.

I fail daily and pray daily for my continued vigilance to overcome the external pressures that my emotional nature often succumbs to. Forgiveness and a renewed determination and faith that my efforts will someday yield the fruit of perfect alignment with God. God is always my inner mind’s goal. God IS.

My Third Eye Speaks

The Third Eye is the Pituitary Gland associated and directly in conjunction with the Pineal Gland or crown chakra. The physical counterparts are the Pituitary and Pineal glands,
I recommend exercises designed to activate this inner eye and to keep its functions and physical natures healthy. Drinking water free of toxins and poisons like fluoride is a good start. This evil of poisoning agenda that is designed by criminals to assault your spiritual connection must be one day ended but in the meantime you control what goes into your body.

I further recommend the invocation of light into these glands and eye through the technique that the Maha Avatar Babaji teaches. Babaji acts as an initiator of individuals to make connections beyond the Great White Brother/ Sisterhood into the extra-planetary councils and teachers beyond the earth according to one source.

He taught the Breath of Fire and Kriya Yoga or the science of the still breath. You may practice these techniques on your own or I will be presenting webinars to teach these tools in a safe way and answer questions in the not too distant future.

Sit comfortably and Relax! Watch your breath for several minutes quieting your mind and only connecting and feelings to your breath-form. Watching it closely without judgment and allowing it to move through your entire body mind and soul as the healing source of life that sustains your life. Imagine it reaching every atom of your being and spreading peace and contentment in your awareness.

Keep your mind as still as possible and if this is difficult first light a white candle and gaze into its center. Then light an incense stick in a room with no draft or air current. You will observe the incense smoke behind the candle will stand up straight without distortion when the mind is still.

If you have a monkey mind going to and fro the smoke will dance wildly in reaction to your thoughts. Think of good high-quality incense as a tool of biofeedback to the activity of your mind (it registers via the etheric body’s influence around your person) as well as an aromatherapy tool to calm your mind through your sense of smell.
Remember a closed room! No fans or air currents or you will get discouraged haha.

Practice makes perfect but if this seems impossible stay relaxed and progress to these next steps that will aid you in your attempts to calm your mind.

Breath Of Fire and the Kriya Breath
Both of the headlined techniques create a connection to source and breath in tensioning the breath between two poles of the same idea.

The Breath Of Fire increases the Pranic fire and field of life force in the body. Pranayama utilizing the Breath of fire technique can increase the violet flames purifying effects in the blood, the emotional body, the mental body, and increase conscious soul contact potential from the lower bodies.

The Kriya technique offers the in-breath to the out-breath as slowly as possible in a minutely controlled cycle. This discipline allows for the harmonizing of the self on all planes by efficiently balancing the breath.

1 Sit comfortably with hands open in your lap keep your eyes open and actually allow your eyes to turn upward into your head and look directly at where your pineal gland is physically located.

2 Tighten root chakra Banda and begin as slow as humanly possible continuous diaphragmatic breathing to the external I AM presence above your Pineal gland you are motionless. Sitting absolutely immobile like a statue with all internal systems and senses and 6th senses tuned for a laser-like concentration. Feel this as a sacred time of reunion with the creator as often you feel the call.

3 Simultaneously intend the light of the creator to come to from the center of creation directly through the top of your head to illuminate a golden light into your head. Feel this deep connection and realize your will as unified to this ray of golden yellow and white light that flickers like a powerful candle in your head

4 Simultaneously silently and inwardly repeat the word HU/ you may also do this HU aloud before or after these deep breathing exercises. Intend your thoughts and feelings to merge with the sound current that the HU is expressing in your being

5 Keep your breaths steady and even on the inflow and out-breath. You may repeat certain simple mantras of positive affirmation if your mind cannot be silent. Keep these mantras uniform and even in accordance with the established breath rhythms fast or slow.

6 Maintain the intent of connecting directly to pure spirit through this one-pointed concentration on the spiritual receivers that are the third eye and crown Chakras.

7 Practice this visualization exercise in conjunction with the breathing exercises as often as possible with sincere intent to realize the truth and you will get results.

I hope to be able to share certain aspects of these teachings in the near future through my blog and my public presentations.

With Love and Light to Our Radiant One
Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Andonai Tsbeyoith
Vasu Borreagus
Warm Regards
Rob Potter

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