Rob Interviews Agarthan Visitor To Telos Lowell Johnson with Alfred Lambremont Webber

Dear Friends,

As you will hear as you listen  I was guided to Lowell Johnson after hearing rumors he was invited into Telos. I tracked him down about a month and a half ago and have talked with him several times for about 5 hours before this interview. I will also have a follow-up interview with him to be posted on my website in a day or so. This interview with my new friend Lowell Johnson here was an interview we did today 10-10-2020.

I felt Lowell’s information so important that I have referred him to Alfred Webber as well because he has over 50k subscribers on youtube. Alfred asked me to host the interview and we just wrapped this interview so here is the encounter inside telos as Lowell revealed in his own words this breaking story. I hope you will enjoy then share this amazing interview because Lowell tells of his experience inside as Adama and the other Telosians who met with said the date of the “Possible Solar Event” may occur on Dec 20th, 2020. This is of course very soon and to hear of the possible frequency increases for the earth is good news for us all. . Please do check out my website as I have lots of new intel releases on my new site. Please enjoy this interview with Lowell Johnson a very fine gentlemen wh has chosen to share his extraordinary experience with the world.

Please share this interview widely!

watch all the way through so very cool information that he shares may inspire you!

Victory to The Light


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