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Videos of Hierarchy of Light Summer Conference
    These recordings include presentations by 22 presenters From The Mt Shasta summer conference Hierarchy of Light aug, 24 - 29 2021. several presenters speak twice and appear on panels as well.
When you purchase you will receive an auto-reply with a password to a private page that will grant you access to these videos forever. 
Dr.  Raymond Keller - Rob Potter - Laura Eisenhower - Alex Collier - Michael Jaco - Viviane Chauvet - Lowell Johnson - Maureen St Germain - Yuki Noda - Dr. Scott Werner - Suzanne Ross - Celestine Star -Brooks Agnew - Gavin Hukassian - Jamie lu + Seth - Dennis Adams - Williard De Bogard - Eric Dadmehr- Lori Spagna - Brad Olsen - Jane De Forest - Samuel Kiawaz - Secret Space Program Panel - Divine Goddess Panel
Due to some technical issues,not every speaker's presentation was documented we 
apologize for this inconvenience. 
We hope to see you all next year in Shasta during the summer solstice
Rob Potter
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