Summer Conference Vendor Information

This page is created to give you more details on the conference vending situation and options requirements etc. Please be aware we will probably only have about 225 guests throughout the weekend due to the Venues size. The vending area is right outside the Shasta city park main hall where our conference will be held Friday-Sunday. Vending will officially be starting at 8:30 am Friday morning until 8:30 every night vendors should be packed up by 7:00 pm Sunday evening. Your Vending spaces can be chosen on a first come first serve basis starting on Thursday around 12 o’clock pm at the city park in the back of the main hall. This time for choosing your space may change you will be alerted to any changes. After you register you will be given emails as we get closer to the event and you can come to this page for updates as well.
You can see the vending area on the backside of the building in the embedded video below. The Vending area is fairly flat but it does have a slope and you can see some trees and some picnic benches. We will have some tables for dining in an area designated. There will be also a designated vendor area as well. You will notice in the video this is an enclosed area surrounded by a 6-foot fence. We will have security and expect to have one person sleeping in the back area overnight from 10 am until opening the next day. However, unless you can enclose your booth I suggest you take all products and valuables with you each night we are not responsible it will be too difficult to guarantee your product’s safety at night. You will be able to store inside the building at night but remove them in the AM by 8:45.
 You will see it is quite large and well shaded throughout the day. You may still want shade as it may be hot. I can not control the weather but it is usually quite hot in the 80s to 90s possibly. Rain is a slim chance but you never know on a mountain! Check the weather before you come so you are prepared. 
I hope this event will prove prosperous for all involved so bring your happy faces and your wonderful products. There is no wi-fi on the premises so you will need a hot spot on your phone to process your credit cards. You can also take credit card information and process them at night in your hotels. There are only two plugs so please bring your Longest extension cords as I have no idea if we will be able to provide electricity at all. The nights are quite late and we will be in sunset/twilight at 8:30 pm. No major lighting is planned for at this time though I hope to have the walkways illuminated if possible.
We also have 26 speakers who will also get half of an 8-foot table to sell their books and other items. Some speakers may not even use their table as this is unknown at this time. So far we have 3 Vendors two have 10 x 10 booths and one has a 10 x 20-foot booth. We also have several 4-foot table shares purchased at this time as well.

Each 4-foot table will have two chairs. The 8-foot tables will have 4 chairs and 10 X 10 by ten gets 3 x 8-foot tables and 6 chairs. We will have no table cloths or coverings so you will be responsible for your own table presentation features these are tables and chairs only. prices are as follows $100 for a 4-foot table–$150 fr an 8-foot table–$ 200 for a 10×10 booth. Also, the ground is covered in smaller gravel but some areas are showing some dirt watch the video embedded below to see the entire 360 views of the Vending area.

Also, this is the first time If you are a vendor and you want to sell some products you must go the city business License application page here and fill out some forms. On that page, you must click on the Business Application Form Page. That form pictured above you must print and fill out the form by hand. You will then realize that much of the information will not apply to you as a peddler buying a “Day Peddler Permit” essentially you will be buying a temporary Business Permit. You will see below a sample of the first page of the Business Form Application that you should print out. This is the only form you will need to fill out. When this form is filled out please send to the city hall as described on the site. You can call me at (530) 926-7510. You will need to fill this out to sell products. You may be issued a citation and fined and have your permit revoked if you do not follow these instructions. Please see the second image of a letter from the city warning me of repercussions for violators.  I am sorry if this is a bit of a hassle but I hope you will take the time to do this. I look forward to meeting you all.  I will hope you will make the effort to do this as we will not be responsible if you are flagged and not allowed to sell due to no license in your possession. Some speakers will bring their book to show as a sample only and have their customers purchase online from theor booth! 
As always call me if you have any questions. If you are vending out of state please call me for more information! Phone number 530-925-3502
Thank You

Warm Regards 

Victory To The Light
Rob Potter
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