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Dear Promise Friends, 

It seems I am finally making some serious headway in restoring my Website with a new design and a new look.  First I want to thank you for your patience as I am now getting ready to unleash a larger than life Data Dump on many subjects. 

Please take a look and navigate your way around you will see some new features and some new blog categories and some new products as well.

First and Foremost is my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller III has given me many amazing posts to share with you all quite a few excerpts from his latest two books. The Vast Venus Conspiracy and Lady Columbas Venus Revelations. I wrote the introduction to the Former and the Preface for the later. I hope you will support Raymond who has now published  5 Books in The Venus rising series and has completed book #6 and partially completed book #7 with several more in the planning stages. 

All of Raymond’s posts are in a new category called My Teachers. I also will be posting much of the incredible teaching of the Masters and Space Family from my other fellow contactee Luis  Mostajo Maertens.

He also is featured in his blog section in the new Category My Teachers. Luis and I organize many tours and trips to Bolivia and Peru for the last 5 years and we have taken to quite a few people to many sacred sites. I will be sharing many videos and messages from these tours to Tiwanaku, Sajama, Urmirri, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Perhaps you may be inspired to join us on one of our amazing excursions where we have “PROGRAMMED CONTACTS” with our Inner Earth Neighbors and the Space family that monitor groups. You will be able to learn much from these two gentlemen alone.

I myself have been going through quite a few changes in my life since I was granted permission to interview The 6th dimensional Moon Base Commander Aura Rhanes. I have had to readjust my thinking into a more open expansive and inclusive point of view to accommodate the new influx of knowledge. I of course am obligated to share this gnosis as this is why I am here to further the preparations for open contact that is not so far away now.

The supremacy of LOVE is the call and mission of The Venusians and the Solar Hierarchy of light upon our world. They work hidden behind the scenes as we must choose for ourselves and take responsibility for our own planet. First, we must take care that we are not in judgment, bigotry, fear, hate, anger, or any of the other wasteful energies that we may fall prey to.  

Together as one people we will avoid the crisis that has come upon humanity we will move through Judgement with a Violet and Golden Flame and return to the light and the spirit of truth from whence we came. Prepare yourselves as the changes will be coming hard and fast for the next five years. However, for those who are allowing the old system to drop away without fear and are attuning to the new dimensional frequencies as mother earth transmits them from the center of creation, we will thrive.


I also wanted to let you all know my memberships are just getting functioning here. Unfortunately, due to the new website requirements, you will need to sign in once again to see the product discounts you can get for the Basic membership and for the Inner Circle Membership. 

If you log in under either of these membership programs you will be able to see many discounts. The Inner Circle sign-up cost is now only a dollar so it’s a good deal if you want to take advantage of that offer. I am offering this discount until January 1, 2020. 

For anyone who did not get what they paid for from my old website Inner Circle membership, I will ask you to contact me by email and I will check my records and make you a member for life free of charge. This is because I was unable to properly keep up with the needs of the membership due to technological limitations. SO PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN UP EITHER FOR THE FREE BASIC MEMBERSHIP OR THE INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY A DOLLAR.

I hope you will follow me on social media as well through the easy to access links at the bottom of my Home page.

I send you all the richest blessings for peace and prosperity in your life.

Warm Regards

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter

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