The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa Part One

The Promise Revealed Report

The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa

Part One

Dear Promise Friends,

It has been a month since our group returned from the South American countries of Bolivia and Peru.

This journey and the experiences we had were very beautiful and sacred.

My friendship with Luis Mostajo has deepened and I am feeling very blessed to share his mission to a broader audience. He is well known to the Spanish-speaking people of the world and of course to others all around the world.

His experiences with the “guides of the sky” and “the masters” as he calls them are very special and unique.

I feel it is important for other light workers around the world to become aware of this information as well.

We have completed a series of interviews with Luis and we are still looking for Sound engineer experts and translators to volunteer to get this information out to the public. Please contact me [email protected] if you are inclined to offer your time and experience to this effort.

Luis is all about love and his presence and luminous self shines constantly. His mission and journeys to sacred sites and portals are free from political insinuations and any ego or self-aggrandizement.

Luis journeys throughout the 30 years of his contacts are usually with smaller groups but sometimes as large as 200 people. He takes people into the wilds of various locations around the world.

Senor Luis at his post prior to contact at Sajama


Most of his activations and journeys are in South and Central America where the locations are quite remote.

It is here in the sacred locations of Macchu Pichu, Sajama Volcano, Lake Titicaca on the Island of the Sun and Moon, Illampu Mt and Urmirri and other places around the world where the space ships show themselves.


These ships are from the Great White brotherhood and The Confederation bases as well as directly from various star groups. Luis is often in direct telepathic communication and is guided to reveal to each group individually the teachings.

As you learn of the many major contacts and special contacts that Luis has had, you may be like me, somewhat overwhelmed by the number and the profound nature of these encounters.

Just one such encounter would be enough to last one a lifetime. Luis has so many experiences he is able to give a broader view of the Great White Brotherhood and the Confederation as well as their intentions and plans to help to heal the earth.

Luis is so very humble in his delivery of such experiences it is refreshing in the search for truth. However it is the teachings that he shares that gives one hope and joy that the Promise is soon to be Revealed to humanity.

I am in no way trying to build up Luis in a personal way to be worshipped or held in awe or to support such nonsense. However the guides have chosen a kind sincere and honest soul to deliver to us this message of peace.

This message of the Rama Mission or Ulterior Preparation as it is called is also about our intentions, about our faith and humility. This message fits in with the overall plan of redemption for humanity that has been in place for so long.

The Rama Mission is also about people around the world founding groups to go into nature to meditate and call in the guides and masters to begin to initiate your own contact experience.

In Cusco I met a woman from Colorado and a man from South America who have been doing just that. They had their own pictures of a ship that had landed within 100 yards several days before we met.

She is a friend of Kaulipele and wishes to remain anonymous for now. This picture see here below is certainly not the best but i have it on good authority she is working with the Andromedeans and has many other amazing videos taken in Egypt and in South america that contain light codes and othe such phenomena,

I will also say Raul Dominguez (above) has had many groups from the San Francisco Bay area join him and Luis in Mt Shasta many times over the past decade.

Raul and his wife are very pure and sincere souls who have been leading meditation groups sometimes as many 10 times a year to a location on Mt Shasta.

Raul now leads his own groups to this is location on Shasta. This is very near where Paolla Harris had met a large ET many years ago. He was over 9-12 feel tall and she kind of freaked out and did not want to approach him at that time. But her experience was reported and was real.

Rauls meditations and instructions are based on Luis teachings and has yielded results! Please see the picture below Raul took in Shasta in summer 2015. It was with a smart phone at night so it is a bit blurry and I am not sure if this being is entirely physical but his name is Heiromath.

After this encounter when he took this picture Raul had a series of Ship Sightings on his return to the bay area, which he photographed as well.

The reason I am sharing this is to let you all know the Promised Interplanetary Cultural Exchange that has been ongoing for hundreds of Thousands of years is still happening.

In fact it has been kicked up a notch as the quarantine of earth is being ended. Step-by-Step the earth is re entering the Confederation and we are being welcomed with open arms and best wishes from our space family.

This plan of redemption is now being externalized to be shared with everyone as the cycles of the ages has bought mankind to the point of apocalypse.

The word apocalypse is defined as “uncover or reveal” and is not the doom and gloom for humanity that so many ignorantly declare. It means all truth and all lies will be revealed as promised by the prophets of old.

However Apocalypse certainly does mean doom and gloom and the eventual extinction to the forces of control, of militarism, vanity, self-entitlement, racism, ignorance, superstition and fear.

It does mean an end to materialism, greed, wrath, pride, anger, dishonesty, war, jealousy, mind control, false flags like 911, 311, Fukishima, Manchester and Las Vegas. Even our own adherence to covetousness, hate, disloyalty and the oh so many lies we all share.

The living word of god is rising to an audible pitch or rather we are able to discern it’s ever-present presence within ourselves more easily now. Are you listening to your souls call?

All truth is being revealed as Promised so long ago. The Truth is being Revealed not only to the outer mind of man but also to his inner self.

Mankind has evolved in his intelligence and in his inner receptivity to the living word of god, which is abundant for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The very nature of life itself or The Christ Presence in its pure essence is now pouring out upon all flesh. We all are now more able to connect to the IAM presence through this new influence of universal sound light and color that is flooding into our reality.

Throughout this transfiguration process our human bodies DNA will alter itself, as it becomes what our destiny wills for us.

This will allow us to know the word of god and be able to hold the vibration needed to enact higher levels of service and adherence to truth.

This series of decrees below was given to Dr Scott Werner by St Gemaine in Mt Shasta to help us manifest a double helix of DNA.

The Victories of The Light that are taking place throughout the galaxy, are finally seeing some positive results in terms of breaking the quarantines restrictions for us here on earth.

The long term of patience we all have endured for millennia and suffering of the consequences, of what is called “The Fall” is helping us to transmute our ignorance into wisdom.

The raising of vibrational frequencies of our physical reality is a process that occurs in our galaxy more often than is generally known to the average person.

The people on other worlds for the most part understand that what is called the Solar Logos is the head of great being that encompasses the entire solar system that they live in.

Our Solar Logos is shifting consciousness and merging all realities along multiple timelines and healing all dimensions.

The Solar Logos is actually a cosmic being in which the entire solar system and all life streams in this solar system are in fact part of and in symbiosis with each other.

Furthermore the initiation of our sun, “the solar logos” this being and thus our entire solar system is insuring our deliverance by the stabilization of all life into a new dimensional cycle.

Surely for us here on earth this is long overdue. Earth has played her role in the healing of souls to be able to achieve this planetary ascension. We also are in the process of individual ascension as well.

This Ascension process explanation will have to wait for another time. But I wanted the overall plan to be shared in a basic way so that these teachings may have a foundation on which to build.

So now take some deep breaths and empty your mind of all thoughts. Connect with your feelings and please take the time to enter into the silence and listen with your third ear and see with your third eye the truths that your spirit will reveal to you.

This new era of contact has begun in earnest and now we must delve deep into our own well of truth, which dwells within us as ourselves. This is cliché’ way of putting it but it is true.

This divine mandate of the new dispensation and the personal and planetary universal transformational alchemy is no longer to be an occult or hidden teaching.

The Solar and Cosmic environment is literally altering the laws of physics on earth as these Rays of Love and transformation bombard all life streams on earth.

Please read the Key of Enoch by my brother JJ Hurtak and The Lions Path Book to understand the science behind these changes.

Now you have some understanding of the forces at play on as the earth achieves with the entire solar system this new dispensation of gods love is renewed on earth as it is in heaven.

OK lets get down for sharing of the experiences our group had on “The Pilgrimage to The New Shamballa”. Luis and I were honored to have such a wonderful group to share these experiences with.


The Trip

I hope this information I am sharing about our trip will be taken in with a realization of the absolute reality that these experiences are true and real physical experiences.

This trip was especially magnificent for me as I became more aware of the tangible presence and activation of my luminous body. During our meditations the transmissions of light body activations that were beamed upon us were very real and everyone felt their presence.

After sponsoring Journeys and conferences and working with Luis for 5 times over the last 3 years I had on at least 5 occasions experienced the lights in the sky that indicated contact with the GWB and Confederation.

Here is a link to one sighting we had in Shasta in 2016 when Luis was there.

I have had these so many of these types of contact since I was 16 years old that the Light ships no matter how cool and reassuring are for me old news…………….. I want more.

I am still seeking more intimate and closer contact to fuel my fire for knowledge and wisdom. Like many, I have hoped most of my life for direct personal contact with the individuals from the GWB and Confederation.

For me this is more about personal development of my soul than it is about my lower personality vehicle desire for knowledge. At least I think so because I welcome a contact and if they want me to keep it secret I will.

I have always felt humanity must know our true history and the nature of our souls in order to heal or world. I know we must remember our earth’s history and the mistakes that were made destroying life and civilization to be able to choose a new path.

We should be aware of our cosmic heritage and our destiny of working together and rising above the ignorance and pain and supporting each other.

I have wanted to be part of this process because it is simply ingrained in me to want to be able to share this with others.

I feel we must all get there as a planet together especially with the problematic quarantine and technological entropy being used on an un-suspecting humanity. Cobra is the source to learn of these types of technologies and how they are being used as well as his reporting of how they are being defeated.

I have more or less recently surrendered that my “ego oriented” dream of personal contact (that I can remember) may or may not happen.

To be real despite my many wonderful encounters I haven’t had this life long dream fulfilled in the way “I wanted it”. Such is life and we must soldier on like good ground crew.

Picture is near Machu Pichu light on mountain is reflection of light inside train ….sorry lol

The day before I arrived at Luis house he had a flyover of his house with 2 ships. The telepathic information was “The Solar Eclipse will bring about great changes and will initiate a new level of contact for humanity”

After I arrived on the day of the eclipse Luis and I meditated in his garden in La Paz.

Here below is an excerpt of one the many interviews we did on our Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa.

The interviews will be released with the original recording in due time. In the mean time here is one of the transcripts in English.


Interview in English

Rob: Hello folks we are now in the home of Luis in his beautiful living room. Luis we have just had a lunar eclipse that was talked about in a book from the late 70s called the Lions Path. This eclipse, which connects with Sirius when the earth aligns with the Sirian star energies that can then come to the Earth.

Recently we also have a Major Solar eclipse which has had tremendous implications for the planet the earth. The night before the solar eclipse and the night before I arrived here in Bolivia you also had 2 ships over your house, and you have had a mental contact with Master Soromez? …

Luis: No the guides of the sky made the contact. Sormez is from The Great White Brotherhood.

Rob: The guides of the sky this is not the Great White Brotherhood contact then. What is the name of the Ascended Master in the Space ship that you’ve have had contact with?

LUIS: The Masters 3 days ago actually told me to go out of my house to my garden at 9 o’clock at night. Because they had something very important to share with me, it is just like I did on other occasions when they call me directly.

I go out on the terrace of my home, where I have partially a very good view of the sky and at the moment when I go out I observe that in the sky there are two very bright lights, 2 space ships were just above the house.

I immediately feel like they infuse a heat energy that is concentrated in the chest. It begins to play with the intensity of its luminosity being turned on one while another one was turned off and so on and in that moment the Masters tell me literally I am going to read it.

It is a brief but concise message in which they said: “YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that the bridges of communication and contact are active and open; the next eclipse will start a New Cycle of dynamics and openness with us, we wait for you”.

The Masters have told us and the extraterrestrial guides have told us with this wonderful experience is that this Solar eclipse has marked the beginning of a new dynamic experience of contact with the extraterrestrial guides and consequently with the Masters of the White Brotherhood.

The presence of these two ships is authenticating and sealing this process of communication and contact with them in this new dynamic as they manifest themselves to us.

This confirms their approaches and teachings that they have to come to share in this time.

In other words, the eclipse has certainly sealed a stage of human realization and has initiated a new time for the awakening of the consciousness of humanity.

This is the process we are now in dear Robert, dear friends, we have to take and assume the responsibility for the initiative to be very positive to this so that this meeting and contact can also be given.

Rob: Thank you.

You may see Luis film of the ships over his house the night before I arrived in Bolivia by going here.

I must conclude part one and we have not even left La Paz on our journey!

These links are really for part 2 of these series of reports, but I add them here for you Jimmy.

See some extra cool links of ships we had over Bolivia and in Peru on the same day in Broad daylight.

Go to this link here and enjoy

Please join me on website  as I release the continuing reports on The Pilgrimage to The New Shamballa.

Here is link about luis more videos and our trip info

Warm Regards to all and

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter

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[…] The very special emanations projected from the ships and these locations are going to accelerate your light and consciousness tremendously. I personally can attest to the powerful vibrations I experienced in the summer of 2017. The sightings we had and the level of energetic were unprecedented. Luis was saying that the 7 days that we had contact and sightings were unique and powerful. We even had 2 sightings in broad daylight in Bolivia and Peru on the same day. You may visit this link to my first report on this journey here and read of the background and see the videos these ships here:The 2017 Pilgramge Report Part 1 […]

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